Using of contraceptives
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joyce - June 9

I was using a contraceptives called traiphasil and i stoped using it the year Sep 2004 til now a had a miscarriage and after that i am trying to get pregnet but nothing happens. Sometimes i feel that i am but if i take the test than it is negative. i want to have a baby and i dont know what to do?


M. - June 10

Hi Joyce, have you seen your Dr. yet about this?? Have you tried Aleese birth contorol pill, it's alot lighter. Did you ever consider it's the Father? I've heard that a big percentage is the Father's sperm. I'd check it out, you have nothing to loose. Best of luck to you!


kelly - June 17

I was taking triphasil as well. I thought it was great. I got off of it Feb 9th. Still trying to get pregnant though. Kelly



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