Using Clomid and Prometrium, and getting frustrated.
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celestia1977 - August 27

I've gone 2 rounds of IUI using Clomid and Prometrium and donor sperm (my husband is fixed). Each time I thought I was pregnant, but the Prometrium gives me signs that I'm pregnant, and it turns out that I was wrong, I wasn't pregnant after all. Is anyone out there feeling the same way?


celestia1977 - August 27

I meant is anyone out there feeling as frustrated as I am...whoops :-)


celestia1977 - August 28

Is anyone out there using Prometrium and Clomid?!?!?!


celestia1977 - August 28

Am I alone?


thayward7 - August 28

You are not alone! I have done 4 IUIs, the last one with Prometrium. It is frustrating, but we have to try to be patient. It sucks though! I have to take 2 cycles off of the drugs, then I will try again. When are you due to try again? Hang-in there! Smiles.... T


celestia1977 - August 28

thank you for responding to me :-)

I'm due to try again in the next 2 weeks or so. My AF started yesterday.

How many months can you do Prometrium in a row?



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