using clearblue easy fertility moniter
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tanner789 - November 6

i started using clearblue easy moniter again this month after a couple month break. this was also my second month of using clomid, so i wanted to make sure i knew exctually when ovulation was. the weird thing is, on cd 6 i got two bars right away, i'm not on cd23 and still have not hit 3bars with egg. could my machine not have picked up ovulation, and why did my moniter pick up 2 bars so fast if i wasnt even close to ovulating yet. as anyone using this moniter exp this. my moniter isnt even but 6 monthes old.


maybe? - November 6

I think that you may need to reset your monitor. Especially it this is your first time using if while on clomid. you can look in your instructors kit or call tne 800 and ask them how to reset your monitor. I hope this helps.Baby dust *


gmh - November 6

Hi, tanner789, I am also using the clearblue moniter. and have the same issues. I talked to my Dr. and with other testing we figured I was not ovlating even thought I had good follicals and that was how we pin-pointed the timeing for the surge shot...


tanner789 - November 6

well my dr told me i probably wasnt ovualitng but still wanted to keep on trying, but the clomid didnt even help me, guess i'll have to wait til i have my tests done and see in dec whats going on-thanks



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