Used ovulex and now pregnant!
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Amy - June 21

I took ovulex for a month, and found out I was pregnant yesterday. As soon as I found out, I started to cramp badly with brown spotting, the spotting then turned to pink, then some red, and now REALLY light cramps and barely any spotting. I was wondering if any of you knew if this is okay, and if it just is implantation?


Kelly - June 21

Amy, it could be what cycle day are you on sweetie? and COGRATULATIONS!! Also, please stop taking the ovulex now, those natural herbs should be replaced by prenates alone. That is what my RE said :)


chrissy - June 21

Congratulations:-) And best wishes to you and your husband!!!


Cutie - June 21

Amy CONGRATULATIONS :) HOW EXCITING..... I am also taking ovulex and hope that it gets me there :)


merlee - June 21

Amy, I'm soooooo happy for you.


Cutie - June 21

Amy, can you please post it on OVULEX post, because I think that a lot of people would be very happy for you, as well as it is very positive outcome and ladies who are taking it now need to have some hope. :) Thank You, Lots of Love and good luck throughout your pregnancy.


Amy - June 22

Thanks girls! And Cutie, i will post it on the ovulex thread!


Daley - June 22

Congratulations Amy!!!!!!
Amy what were your symptoms before finding out that you were pregnant. GOD BLESS U AND YOUR LITTLE ANGEL.


Daley - June 22

Amy another question: How long were you trying to conceive?I'd be looking forward to your answer. Bye!!!!!


Amy - June 23

Daley, it took me 4 months to get pregnant. My symptoms were waking up early when i was so tired i had to go to bed, frequent urination, and headaches. I got a light period, so I didn't think I was pregnant, but all through out the period, tests were coming back positive! Good luck!


Bump - June 25



reena - June 26

hey amy im so happy for u congrats and thanx for sharing it with us , this post has given me a hope of getting preg with ovulex, i have a question for yu , were periods regular before going on to ovulex? whey did u need to take ovulex because u just have been tryign to concieve for only four months.?
please reply bye



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