Update to my idiot twit doctor and the stupid things said
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trixiebee - January 27

For those of you playing along at home, my stupid dumb brandnew doc told me "You've tried this long, what's another month" when I asked her for a labslip to test my progesterone level. ----------------- Well, I met with her today. (finally) She was asking idiot things like "how often are you having sex" and "are you stressed too much?" YEAH. BECAUSE OF YOU!!!! I presented her with a color-coded graph and records showing my temps, ovulation dates, patterns, blah blah.... which left her stumped, because now I had answered all the dumb questions on her stupid twit sheet. -------------
I left with nothing. So she calls me a couple hours later, after meeting with an attending RE. Seems this is the HEAD TWIT at the hospital, telling me that "luteal defects" have been discredited, and there's no longer such a condition. Huh????
WHAT THE FECK DO YOU CALL IT WHEN A WOMAN OVULATES ON DAY 18, and BLEEDS LIKE A PIGGIE ON DAY 27 ????????????? I'll tell you what you call her...... UN-PREGNANT!!!!!!! OK, :::: putting away soapbox ::::: I"m done ranting. Fecking doctors. (ps - I did tell he her comment was rude and hurtful. She acted like she felt bad. I don't tell better, lol.....)


star_4_baby - January 27

hey girl dont feel bad i know how frustrated you can feel at times and i think when doc has nothing to say they ask stupid question....just change doc if can ...good luck


RainbowBJW - January 27

OMG, I feel so bad for you but the way you describe these docs is so on the money girl!!! My substi-twit (AKA my doc was away on family emergency and this was another doc) actually told me today that I shouldn't worry about how long my FROZEN sample was left out to thaw because sperm is okay sitting out on a counter for 24 hours. So every other book and doc in the world is wrong?!?!?! And he also kept using terms like "if it works" and basically telling me IUI is a guess/shot-in-the-dark procedure. Oh, so that's what I'm spending almost $2000 a month for.....if that's the case I have a better shot of getting preggers sitting on a public toilet seat. I feel for you honey, vent away, with docs like this we need is soooooo much!!!!!!



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