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Jaime - June 25

Its my first time on this site and i just wanted to say:
To all the negative people that comes here to just give us negative support please leave and go mess up another site. This site is for us ladies who are having a hard time concieving and need support NOT put downs or negative feed back. I must admit i heard some crazy stories but just pass it you don't have to answer with a crazy and stupid response!


B.J. - June 25

I totally agree. You go girl.


Anna - June 25

If you read more you'll find more. I like reading mostly once in awhile i would respond.


christina - June 26

there are alot of wonderful people hear and very helpful, i tune the negativity out, i even made some great friends i talk to via phone like melissa s your awesome girl! and can be and should be a good source for information, the other immaturity, not worth the time.



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