Unusual CM
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caley - May 25

Have been TTC for 9 months. Am a bit worried about CM!! I noticed a change in my CM when I thought I was ovulating but it wasn't like egg white. It was stretchy but was white and sticky. Does anyone know what this means?


Melissa - May 25

Hi Caley, I have that type (almost lotion like) just before I o. But then I noticed on some month that I didn't o I still had it.


Cutie - May 25

Caley, people are different. I also have white and stretchy CM during ovulation :) People do say it should be egg white, but EVERYONE is so different.


christina - May 25

i take all the first response ovualtion tests and all, i actually never show a sign of ovualtion so i us ea website i signed up on mycycles.com and it helps me round about when i am, i never get any cm, nothing.


Alexis - May 25

What is CM like after ovulation if you concieve? I ovualted on May 18 and have remained very moist instead of drying up



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