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MOLLY - October 24

Sandra how old are you if you don't mind me asking? I'm 31 and partner is in his 40s the doctor I saw was at least normal and helpful and also suggested a sperm count for him.If your not happy make another appointment with a different doctor you have the right to do that, the thing with us in the uk is that we take the doctors word as gospel and never question it , and in some cases we should.My doctor said they they normally carry out tests for couples over 30 who have been trying for 6months instead of 1 year.


sandra - October 24

hi molly, im nearly 34 hubby is nearly 40. My periods have been pretty irregular since my ectopic pregnancy - i went on the pill but since coming off it they have never really got back to normal. I am considering agnus castus - are there any side effects and does it come in tablet form? My doctor is really nice but I feel they just rush you in and out again without really taking the time to listen to the patient. She told me to wait til next month and see if my periods regulate themselves. She said that it can take a few months once coming off the pill. If things are no better between now and xmas I will be taking further steps to do something - the old body clock ticking away here.


MOLLY - October 24

Vitex it's a slow working supplement that may take a month to get into your system and there are no side effects that i'm aware of as it's natural. Since coming off the pill my cycles have been from 20 days to 28 days the doc did say that when i had the 20 day cycle i probably didn't o as its too short but she couldn't guarante that i o'ed the other cycles, but did say that i'm lucky to have gotten my period so soon as some ladies take 5-7 weeks to get thier first period..I'm still using the opks but maybe they just don't work for me or maybe i just miss my surge as i only test once a day , who knows? I never get ewcm that i'm aware of, but lots of creamy cm but to tell you the truth i'm sick of prodding and poking myself to get signs! I swear some months I make myself sore lol !


sandra - October 24

i agree with you there. whatever happened to things happening naturally eh? Sometimes i think I am just hoping too hard and letting it get to me. Maybe if i relax a bit it might happen on its own without any intervention.


MOLLY - October 24

Relax lol , it's a vicious circle you get stressed waiting to o (if your lucky enough to know!) You stress to make sure you o'ed at the right time, you stress on the 2ww and then do it all over again. I've got no time to relax!! Although it's a great theory!!


MOLLY - October 24

You also stress to make sure you bd'ed at the right time talk about women getting the tough end of it !!


sandra - October 24

yep, its definitely a man's world. What have they got to moan about! I have just bought one of those saliva microscopes - apparently they are very accurate in predicting ovulation - we shall see! I will keep you posted!


KY - October 24

hey girls!!! Thnak god you are all out there. It s great to know your all feeling the same as me. I cant wait till this wait is over.


kris b - October 25

HI all- This sucks! I've been ttc since Feb. and I've been charting my periods so I can help with predicting ovulation. I'm still not pg. I don't know what else to do, besides have sex everyday. I'm just so frustrated right now. Does anyone have any suggestions?


MOLLY - October 25

As you can see from all my posts I have no advcie what so ever !! Because i don't know when or if i o, i'm doing the sex everyother day thing so hopefully will catch it some where along the lines !! But no success yet. I never know when i'm on the 2ww as i dont know if ovulating, but partner is loving the amount of lovin were having ! Sandra ,where did you get that saliva thing from and was it expensive ??Could do with a break from peeing on things!! Well off to work catch you all later.


sandra - October 25

molly, i got it from ebay was only £13 incl. p&p. it adds to the list of new things to try lol. at this rate we could have sex every min of the day and still not get preg


Ky - October 25

hey girls , i ahve a saliva thing too. But i have had not luck yet either. I find it verhy hard to master the controls of it hehe! It seems like anyhting I do won predict im ovulating. Lets jsut hope i am. This is getting a pain in the neck. Im glad you are enjoying all your loving but DP is getting very stressed about not concieving and ends up in an arguement. Anyone else STRESSSSSED


MOLLY - October 25

Having a quick break from work, Hi KY yes DP loves all the bd'ing and he's not stressed yet as he feels another child would just be a bonus i think he would be stressed by now if we were trying for our first. Might invest in one of those saliva things how hard are they to work out. I really need something foolproof with a yes or no answer to make life simple but the digital ones are expensive and so are the replacement sticks so there out of the question. I'll be too poor to have a child by the end of all this !!! Or mentally unstable lol , one or the other !


sandra - October 25

hi ladies, make sure you get the microscope in focus and you should see a clear pic. If it is all dots and lines then you are not fertile, if there are a few lines and fern shapes you are in transitional period (o in next day or so), if the pattern shows a lot of ferning patterns then you are very fertile. Unfortunately I am not fertile today so may as well get a good night sleep lol. I use the same seller on ebay in uk to buy my opk's from, get the strips at a fraction of the cost, she also throws in a few preg test strips too. i bought the microscope from her too. Her ID is twinkle4321 if that helps. Only for UK buyers though.


MOLLY - October 26

Well being as I can't go without a new gadget I've ordered a saliva thingy, got to be a break from the peeing on sticks.! My last cycle was 21 days I've taken and average and it should be a 25 day cycle so IF I o'ed i'm on the 2ww and af is due the 1st of nov, but we'll see. No signs only a sore throat yesterday and today but i've just got over a chest infection so maybe it's related to that not that i'm thinking it is a sign but cause i've been ill for 2 weeks its kind of put me off reading into anything thats happening with my body. Not too stressed really because at least I know if nothung does happen the doctor will be doing tests anyway in 2 months so thats eased my mind abit. Maybe now i'm more relaxed something may happen. God its nice to be positive for once.Hope your all doing fine I'm lovin the half term break from work that's the good thing with working with kids you get loads of long holidays.


hi gals - October 27

I im in transitional period according to the microscope so hopefully will show me ovulating within next day or so. Pity, hubby going down South to work for a week so need to get sorted before he goes or it will be another month gone by. Going to try and relax more, get stuck into xmas shopping, you know things usually happen when you dont think about them - so we shall see? What is it you do Molly, - u a teacher or nursery nurse?



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