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MOLLY - October 21

I'm really concerned that I'm not ovulating. I've been off the pill for 5 months , 3 months of using opks and nothing. Should I go to the doctors now or do I wait? I'm not noticing ewcm but lots of creamy and watery cm , can anyone suggest anything? Thanks for any responses.


Toni - October 21

You could definitely ask to have your prog. level checked on day 20. If it's over 10, then they say you ovulated. I would check with my dr for sure.


Ericka - October 21

When I went off the pill I did not ovulate for 6 months. After that things went back to normal on their own. I regret not going to the doctor during those six months because they were wasted. I suggest you go so that you don't feel like me later on. Good Luck.


sandra - October 21

hi, i came off pill in may, took a period in june and not another til October. been testing with OPK but all negative.


eb - October 21

I would see my gyn, b/c if you aren't ovulating they can give you meds to help with that.


to molly - October 21

hi there, im now off the pill 6 months and i havent ovulated either. We have tried wvery hard bcuz the doctor said to stop using OPk's until a year TTC. Your probably not ovulating but make sure you note when your period are. this helps the docs, she gave me a chart to complete. 6 months to go till she reviews it. The docs main points were, take folic acid, eat healthy, have regular sex ( or healthy sex life), make sure u exercise. Do all that and apparently we will be in luck before the !yr mark.
Cheers!!! Ky


KY Girl - October 21

Hi all, I have been trying to conceive # 2 for 10 months no luck so this month I decided to try an OPK I got a really dark linethe 19th cycle day 11 I tested cycle day 12 another dark line today cycle day 13 dark, but not as dark as before is it normal to get a positive test 3 days in a row ? Today I have got the EWCM and a cramp on the right side so do you think I need to BD again today just to be sure I hit The day being as we have BD every day except one since cycle day 5 ?Sorry so many questions, but I have no idea how these tests work any help is appreciatted! Baby Dust To All !!!!


Ky - October 21

hey 'KY girl' lol same name?!?! or was it to me? anyway, i would BD tonight and tmrw just for luck! Good luck, let us know!


Ky Girl - October 22

Thanks Ky, I have no idea how opks work I just wanted to to use this to get an idea of if and when I am oing according to the opk it is somewhere between cycle day 11-13 . I never knew TTC could be so hard seems like if you are trying it just seems harder to get there! If I get lucky this month I will post to let you know . I didn't even realize that your name was Ky. Are you from Ky ? Best Wishes!


MOLLY - October 22

Thanks everyone, think I will go to the doctors it can't hurt and it will put my mind at ease, but it's nice to know i'm not the only one finding this all frustrating. With my first child I had no difficulties just thought the 2nd time round would be just as easy! How wrong was I !!


Ky - October 23

Gd luck molly, I'm not from KY im from UK. :) how long you all trying for then?


Ky Girl - October 23

Hey molly , I thought the same thing as you. I conceived my first within 2 months of trying and now it seems like I've been TTC # 2 for months on in and I haven't even been on BCP since my first was born and that was only for 3 months 3 years ago so I don't know what the deal is. I think its good that your gonna go ahead and go to the doctor where I live they won't even consider doing anything until you've been TTC for a whole year. I hope you get good news from the Doc .Please let me know how things go! Ky, I took your advice, well half I should say we BD the 22nd, but dh was tired the night before so we didn't get to, but I figure we've Bd every day except 2 since cycle day 5 so surely that will be good enough.I am currently on 15 so just got 11 more days till AF shows or not,hopefully not. Baby Dust to all !


MOLLY - October 24

Hi all ,i'm from the uk also, I've been to the doctors and she said to wait till xmas and if still nothing she will run some tests to see if i'm o'ing. Which is a relief. i've also started to temp this month so she will have a rough idea of what is going on. Just get fed up with waiting i am not a very patient person and this situlation is sending me crazy as I want it now!!! I'm om cd18 at the monment and because i dom't know if i o'ed or not i'm not sure if i'm on the 2ww!! My cycles have been fairly short since coming off the pill the longest being 28 days but i also started vitex this month to regulate my cycles so i'm completly lost, but hopeful ! I'm bd'ing everyother day so I don't miss anything and just hope for the best. KY - i've been trying since june I have a dd already that took no time at all to concieve I'm 31 and really feeling my clock ticking away !!


sandra - October 24

hi all, i am in uk too. I am sick of our NHS. I came off pill in april, didnt take a period til June, then nothing til October. All opk's are neg. Doc took blood for tests and when I called for the results she said that I had to have them repeated cos there wasnt enough blood taken???? Then I took a period and doc said there was no point taking any more blood as I had taken a period, so I am back to square one. I give up!! I have had an ectopic pregnany 9 years ago and had my right tube and ovary removed but had two boys since but it just doesnt seem to happening for no. 3. I have heard of a herbal supplement called Agnus Castus which is supposed to help with ovulation - anyone else heard of it? Babydust to all


MOLLY - October 24

Hi sandra agnus castus its the same as vitex (just another name) this is my first month of using it so we'll see, it's also very cheap ( got it from GNCstore) During your blood test did they check to see if you are ovulating at all?


sandra - October 24

hi molly, dont think they tested it at all. they were also testing thyroid, liver and kidney functions, iron etc. i will not give up. i will ask again if i dont get a period in November


MOLLY - October 24

Sandra how old are you if you don't mind me asking? I'm 31 and partner is in his 40s the doctor I saw was at least normal and helpful and also suggested a sperm count for him.If your not happy make another appointment with a different doctor you have the right to do that, the thing with us in the uk is that we take the doctors word as gospel and never question it , and in some cases we should.My doctor said they they normally carry out tests for couples over 30 who have been trying for 6months instead of 1 year.



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