Unsure about symptoms
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Brynne - June 8

I am so confused and I don't want to make things more difficult if I am actually not pregnant, so I am a little cautious about my symptoms. I noticed within the past couple that I had an alot of discharge on my panties. I have had nausea lately, and I am having sharp pains in my stomach almost to the point where I wanted to cry, they cme and go and has only happened 3 times. Now I have had constant pain in my stomach(left side) and it hurts worse when I walk and it the pain sort of extends into my upper thigh. It hasn't gone away in about 2 hours or so. My cycle is never like clockwork and I haven't been keeping track of ovulation, so I'm not sure if this are pregnancy symptoms or maybe something else is wrong, My last AF was on April 26th. Any answers?


Cutie - June 8

Brynne, its kind of hard to say. But if you are having pain, I'd go to see the doctor. Sweety, you never know. Once I also thought I was preggo, however I didnt see a doctor until the pain was uncontrollable and really, really BAD. I waited two month. I think I had a miscarriage, but the doctors dont. I am glad I went to the ER and stayed at the hospital, because for some reason I had lemon size blood clot that could'nt get out and then did. Doctor didnt know what it was..... (I think I did miscarry) but thats what was causing such a bad pain. Sweety, I am not trying to scare you, but its always good to see a doctor. You could be ovulating, or you could be preggo..... I wish you lots of luck and God Bless



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