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MuzikGurl - September 25

why is it that no one ever answers my questions in here...I don't understand many people on here get a bunch of responses but I hardly get one...that's stupid! Maybe I should go find another forum online and leave this one...I love coming to this site but, it's pointless if no one is here to help me. thanks for nothing people!=( PS. if you want to look at my questions it is under " confussed....maybe???" it would be nice to hear from someone other than just one person who just told me to read a book. if that was the answer to all my problems then gee....maybe the site should give the same answer to everyone....I have problems and I'm sure many of you do too but, I look on here and a lot of people on here have like 10 or more responses and I only have 1! I figured if I'm not gonna get the same treatment here like many others on here then maybe I should delete this forum off my list and find some where else to go. thanks for nothing people!


Rowan - September 25

Looks like you got a few responses to me. A majority of the people may not know the answer to your question.....we aren't doctors. So they can't respond to what you are wanting. My suggestion is if you want someone to answer your question in the manor and time you wish, then you should call your doctor. So maybe you should just grow-up, these threads aren't popularity contest. Perhaps this isn't the right place for someone will an attitude like yours. Best of luck to you.


hello - September 25

so don't come back..later


jesse - September 25

looking for attention and everyone to say oh stay we will help, get over it everyone doesnt always answer questions, then go to a new forum.


TO MuzikGurl - September 25

People don't answer your question maybe your questions are complicated or simply nobody knows the answer. I read your thread "CONFUSED MAYBE" but as i look at the thread TC and CS give some of their opinion. And when I read your question, I myself don't know the answer. I think it's much better not to answer question that you know rather giving false information. I think you have to understand that not all people here know the answer to your question and you don't have to feel bad. maybe what you should do is don't make your question so complex.


To MuzikGurl - September 25

The person who recommended the book was offering you a wonderful opportunity to read something that may help you a lot. I too have irregular periods and had a hard time figuring out when I ovulated. Someone on this site recommended the same book, Taking charge of your fertility and I will tell you that book has so much info. I learned so much about my body from reading it. Maybe the book is not the answer to all of your problems but it would definitely shed some light on some. We are all just trying to give each other advice and offer out what we think might help you. I wouldn't be so harsh about people not answering you or you won't get answers at all. We are all in the same boat - we want answers and we want them now. If you are that upset about it, maybe a doctor would be a better person to ask. Good Luck!


MuzikGurl - September 25

Look, I wasn't at all trying to be b*tch on here all I was trying to do was make my point but it looks like I can't without getting shuned upon. my doctor seems out of reach 90% of the time and I thought I could come on here open up with you guys in hope to get a response which has more insight I read on here about other peoples problems and stuff and sometimes I respond and I understand how not all of you would know the answers to my problems I'm not requesting answers all I want is recognization at least a guess or two on what you think maybe I shouldn't have ask for anything from you guys I'm sorry for being a b*tch on here but after reading these responses I actually feel like I belong...in a circle of b*tches. later.



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