unprescribed clomid
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LuvBabies - February 10

Jen30 - well done, congratulations! That's fantastic news. Clomid worked first time for me and I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with one baby (have five more kiddies under the age of 8), think this might be my last one but we'll see (might be able to persuade my husband one more time).

Anyway, congrats again, delighted for you.


ingenue - February 10

If u don't mind telling me, how old r u?


LuvBabies - February 10

Hi ingenue - I don't mind at all, I'm 38, why do you ask?


ingenue - February 11

LuvBabies just calculating my age and my dream number of kids and whether I have enuf time to do it. I'm 33, still don't have kids and wud LOVE to have four...don't know if that's possible but I hope so :)


LuvBabies - February 11

Hi ingenue - you can definitely do it. I had my first baby when I was 29, the next when I was 31, then 33, then 34, then 37 (and only the longer gap there because I was unwell it took a while) and now this one at 38 (and this is the one I used clomid for only because I didn't want to wait a long time again). If you can manage to have the first baby and then more or less try straight away after (which is an extremely fertile time for you) you'll be on the right road. I wish you the best of luck with it, there's nothing like having lots of babies, they are just a blessing and the funniest little people ever. I wish I could have another few but I'm getting up there in age now and it's a little too risky.

Good luck! I'll keep everything crossed for you.


ingenue - February 12

Thanks LuvBabies! That's really put alot of added hope. I've always loved babies and dreamt of having my own ever since I can remember. I think this is just a test of my patience but hopefully it will all end with beautiful healthy babies for all of us. Thanks again! :) :)


mzmom - February 16

Well ladies, this is the cycle we are going to try Clomid with IUI. My period is suppose to start today, & by the looks of things its here. I was not sure if I wanted to do days 3-7 or 5-9. I know most say you get more eggs 3-7, but you have a better quality of eggs 5-9. I think I am going to do 5-9 at night before I go to bed. Still going back and forth about how much to take, 50mg, 75mg, or just shoot for the stars and do 100! Im thinking this might be our last, so IDK. Im honestly thinking Im just going to do the 50mg. Our apt is set with the doc on the 28th. So we shall see what happens. Glad to hear all mommies and little beans are doing well. I will update later. =)


laura_mae99 - February 17

hi yall, laura here. We plan on TTCing when my dd get to be a year. so here in may or after... I dont even have a period right know cus i am donating my extra breastmilk on eatsonfeets. so once baby is a year we are going to do one more LO for us... hopen for twins since it might be our last go at it :-)


mzmom - February 21

Today is the day, day 5 of my cycle. I am no longer bleeding (sorry didnt know how else to say it) but I will be taking my first Clomid pill tonight. I am taking it around 10 pm and will be going directly to bed. I have thought about it and I am going to take 50mg. I have my docs apt next monday on the 28th. Hopefully I ovulate on the 2nd or 3rd of March based on my tracking my period, ovulation, and fertility on mymonthlycycles.com. One of those days we will have the IUI done. I hope my experience with Clomid is a good one and I dont have any negative side effects. Not sure I would know it, because I will sleep through them. Well ladies wish me luck =)


mzmom - February 22

Ok ladies day 2 of my Clomid. I have been taking it at 10:00pm since sunday night. I have not had any negative side effects, not that I would notice since I am sleeping anyway. I have been very sleepy lately. Like I am not getting enough rest. I dont know it might be from finishing 3 term papers, being a stay at home mommy, and looking for work. I did decide to go with the 75mg. Well more so because when I checked the pack of Clomid, it was going to expire in June of this year. Just wanted to update. =)


kerami3 - February 24

hi guys am 38 yrs old and have 1 child i really want to have some more , i want multiples using clomid my doc say he will not give, any way i thought there must be people on here who have gone the unprescribed route, please tell me how u got on, did you have multiples, my periods are regular but i dont get pregnant dont know why, has anyone tried clomid without a doc supervision, many thanks good luck in all your journeys.


LuvBabies - February 24

Hi Kerami3 - I took unprescribed clomid in the hope of getting pregnant quickly and also hoping for twins. I'm also 38 and have regular periods and ovulate as normal but for some reason my last baby took a while to conceive (could have been because I was unwell for a time, not sure). Anyway, the clomid worked first try and I am now six months pregnant with one baby. I have heard some women taking clomid have conceived multiples but it doesn't always work out that way. I was afraid to take it at first because I wasn't going to be monitored by a doctor but took the risk anyway. Some of the side effects aren't too pleasant but it was nothing too bad. If I were you, I'd give it a go. Best of luck, hope you get what you want xxx


LuvBabies - February 24

Hi mzmom - glad the clomid is going well for you. How are you feeling now? When are you due to ovulate?


mzmom - February 25

LuvBabies - hello, it seem to be going fine for me. We go in for our apt with our doctor on Monday, 2/28. Hopefully good news and we can have the IUI either Wed or Thurs. No side effects here at all. I take it at night right before I go to bed, so that might be why I dont notice any side effects. I am feeling good.

Actually not so good, kind of upset another board just all jumped on me bc I did get preggo with my son naturally, and I was on talking about our journey and me taking Clomid this time in hopes for twins. Women and emotions.... IDK. It just rubbed me the wrong way bc I did have my issues with getting pregnant, which is why there is a 6 year gap inbetween my children. Im not going to let it get to me though. :)

Anywhoo based on my tracking on mymonthlycycles.com I am to ovulate on Wed. 3/2. I am going to start doing ovulation predictor test on tomorrow.


kerami3 - February 25

hi luvbabies thanks for reply, where did u get you clomid and what dose, did u take anything else, sori for all these question but am total newbie desparate for a baby, is there info online on a regiment to follow?
thank u n stay blessed


kerami3 - February 25

mz mom gud luck pls let us know how u get on ,those other forum are full of those people on high horse take no notice i have seen so much venom on some of them

stay blessed



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