unnoticed miscarriage!! ??
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tiff - August 18

i think my question migh be weird and stupid. i have no idea , so i want to know.. is it possible that a very early miscarriage might go unnoticed? i have pcos and very irregular cycles. sometimes af will be late by a couple of weeks late from the previous cycle. since many of the pregg signs match the pms signs, i may not have given enough attention. but i have noticed huge clots in my subsequent cycles. i am just wondering if there is the slightest chance that i had been pregnant and miscarried at 3 weeks or so....please help


bump - August 18



D. - August 18

It is definitely possible. At that stage it would be very much like just a bad period. Many women who have such early losses do think that it was simply a period. Are you actually taking anything to make you ovulate?


Lena - August 18

Its very positive, but keep in mind clots can occur with or without a m/c so they aren't necessarily a sign that a m/c happened. It could be that more lining formed during your elongated cycle. Most miscarriages at 3 wks are totally unremarkable other than a late period.


tiff - August 18

i have been ttc for 2 years, and this is my 2nd cycle of clomid. so my cycles before clomid were pretty all over the place. i would miss the period for a month, and then i would have it again next month , and so on..


Evee - August 22

Tiff, I was preg in November, and I took a preg test and it was positive, I went to my doc to make sure, I was around 6 weeks, and I was starting to have some clots and cramping, I called the doc and went in sure enough I was having a Miscarriage, She told me that "Most late periods are miscarriages," Maybe you should talk with you'r doc and find out what they think,


tiff - August 23

Evee, sorry to hear that. but i should admit it is quite scary.. i just wish there were some device which beeps just at the moment of conception, so that there will be less of risk! i suspect that i did have a couple of m/c in the past, but i had never detected the pregnancy. hope it succeeds for us soon


KHerrera - August 24

Hi Tiff. I'm 24 and have been trying to concieve for almost a year. In March 2005 I got a positive pregnancy test and two days later I started bleeding. Iwent to see my OB and he told my I was not pregnant anymore. I had miscarried at 3 weeks. My OB said that it is very common and refered to as a "missed pregnancy" After trying for so long it was hard, but My husband and I are trying again and hoping for the best. I want to be pregnan by Christmas.


mandaroza - September 1

I have just got my period, five days late. Never been late before, always normally 28 days. We've been trying for a baby for 4 months after coming off pill. I felt different this month, very huge boobs, sore to touch, very tired even though on holiday, peeing all the time and lots of spots. So not sure if pregnant, took hpt to check when 2 days late, negative, now this period is fairly heavy and bloody, not a pale brown/pink thing other women seem to describe. Not sure if I have PCOS or some ovulation failure this month, was pretty sure I felt the usual sharp pain that I always assumed was ovulatory pain. Now not sure what to do, worry, or just carry on trying. Was my period a v. early miscarriage? My mum said she had several similar months before she had me, and she reckoned they were little miscarriages too. Any thoughts? Has anyone had stuff like this and then carried on to a) be pregnant anyway or b) find out they had problems with ovaries



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