unexplained infertility
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Maren - November 22

Hi! I haven't been on for a while, I have been dealing with a lot of BFN's. My dr. finally referred me to a RE after clomid didn't work. All my tests and my husbands have come back fine. Last week I had a laperoscapy. The dr. found a large cyst on one of my fallopian tubes that he removed, other than that he said things looked ok. He said since I had two tubes the cyst was not the whole problem. (Although I am wishing and hoping it was a large part of it) I am going back in another week to talk to the dr. about what he calls "the good drugs". Still in a little pain from the lap, I am really not looking forward to more medications or shots. Sometimes I find myself getting more short tempered at work, this ttc is taking so much time and energy and then disappointment. I am hoping the lap helped clear up my system. Anyone have positive results after having a cyst removed? Anyone frustrated by unexplained infertility? Anyone about to snap at work?


Maren - November 22

Anyone? I was also wondering, the only meds I have had so far have been 50mg of clomid for 3 months and the dr. thinks the next step (after HSG and Lap) is injections. Is there anything in between?


angelkitty - November 22

I have been ttc for over 15 months. We are unexplained at this point as well. After my hsg I found out my cervix was nearly completely closed but that has been fixed so now we fall into the category of unexplained!!


Tracy88 - November 22

Maren, I was unexplained, did the clomid, had the lap, then jumped straight to injectables because I was sick of waiting for a miracle. Well, the month I did the injectables I got pregnant and am currently 14 and half weeks. Unfortunately there is nothing between clomid and the shots, but to be honest, the shots were not bad at all. I was so scared of doing them, but had a more pleasant experience with them than I did on that evil drug clomid. AND, I actually got pregnant, so that says a lot.


Maren - November 22

Thanks Tracy, I think that will be the next step for me. I am just a little hesitant, it is such a lot of money. If I knew it would work I wouldn't be so nervous. I am so glad it happened for you on the first try. Is that common?


babybaby - November 22

Hi Maren, hd and I have been ttc for 16 months and we were also diagnosed with unexplained infertility. I did an HSG and everything was fine so my re put me on femara to see if it worked. This is my first cycle. Yesterday I had an u/s and I had a bunch of tiny follies but two were bigger, one was 16mm and the other 23 mm so I gave myself an ovidrel shot yesterday and hd and I have doctor's order to bd every time until tommorrow. I asked my hd about my cervix because when I had my HSG done the dr had a really hard time passing the tube through it, The re said that if they were able to inject dye in my uterine cavity then sperm has enough room to pass also. Angelkitty I did not know you could do something to fix your cervix. What did you do? Anyways, the re said that I could be more aggressive with the treatment if I wanted to, but he suggested that we stay on femara for 2 more months and then if we haven't conceived we can move on to injectables with IUI or femara again with IUI. The reason why I haven't done it yet is because my insurance doesn't pay for any treatment or meds but I'm so tired of waiting that if I had money I'll just go ahead and do it. The "good" think about havng unexplained infertility is that research suggests that 60% of people end up getting pg within 4 years of trying and the rest get pg within 7 years of trying. I have very high hopes for femara, but if it doesn't work I'll do injectable in no time. Tracy88 knowing that it worked for you makes me very happy and hopeful. Take care ladies!


Cooper5450 - November 23

Maren, DH and I have been ttc for what seems to be like 2 years now. This past August we went and had all the tests done. We also have some unexplained infertility. I just had my first IUI. I am in the 2WW right now. I went on tamoxifen instead of clomid. My RE told me that it is better for the lining. Then I had the ovridel shot. If I do not see a BFP then I am going to move on to injectibles. The part about to snap at work well I can really relate... Not to mention about to snap at home as well. We all go through it. For the longest time, I felt like I was defective because everyone around me was pregnant or just had a baby. For now stay positive and post to let go of some of your frustration. Everyone here can relate...


Tracy88 - November 23

Maren, it is a lot of money, but it all depends on how you look at it. I was tired, I didn't want to continue to put my body through the ringer with drugs that weren't working, and I thought, "Better $1600 than the $15,000 it costs for IVF." In retrospect, I probably spent about $3000 to 4000 over about a year and half. To me, that is nothing compared to the cost of IVF. If we had not had our wedding money, we would have gotten a loan from somewhere or someone, but we were determined to make it happen. The longer you spend with a specialist, the more expensive it gets, so by doing the cycle of shots, I cut down on the time I was going to be under his care. Not only that, but I bought peace of mind with my injectable cycle. You asked if it is common to get PG with the shots on the first time around??? I know four people here at home, plus myself, who got PG the first time. The women I know had been trying for 5 to ten years!!!! If you do the injectables, don't do them without IUI's back to back.


Maren - November 23

Thank you all for your advise. I do trust my dr., he was refered very highly and I know he doesn't want to waste time (which I do appreciate) Up until now my insurance has covered my visits, lap, HSG for irregular period. The dr. office does a payment plan for the injectables, well it is pay all at once and they deduct from that. They do give 25% discount to people whose insurance doesn't cover the meds. The whole break down came between 2500- 3000 dollars a try. I am so happy to hear Tracy it has worked you and so many of your friends. I have been taking those prenatal vitamins for over a year I figure my body should be really to go (you'd think) I have another apt. with my dr. in about a week (2 weeks since my lap) I am going to talk about the option that I have the very best chance of conceiving right away. Wow baby baby, it does make me feel good that 60% conceive in 7 years. My 30th birthday is in may though and I am afraid as I get older it will just get harder. AngelKitty, how the dr. opened things up for you and won't need any meds. Tracy, what is an IUI?


janice - November 23

Hello: We have been trying to have a baby for 3 years. Had two miscarriages and 3 GYNs who could not determine any problems. Complete all the test and still nothing. I am now on clomid. Hoping all works out, however my husband works away and is home for short periods now. I am very frustrated, I plan trips to see him around times I should be ovulating but still no luck. I don't know if I am more scared of not being able to get pregnant or more scared of getting pregnant and losing another. If I become pregnant again I will probably be very stress everyday throughout the 9 months. I welcome any suggestions and best of luck to all.


tonyaandjoe - November 24

i started out on 50 mg then he put me on 100 mg and i am hoping that it will work for me. i will tell you that i work with a nurse practioner and she said that the dr. told her after ttc for a yr. that she needed to have sex everyday and she did. she became preggos and had a baby boy.


Tracy88 - November 24

Janice, the times that you have gotten pregnant, did you take any form of progesterone supplementation like Prometrium or suppositories in the luteal phase of your cycle and into your pregnancy?


slowpoke01 - November 24

janice- i would suggest that you talk to your doc about progesterone supplements like tracy said.progesterone is very important for implantation to take place properly. it could just be that you need to take a little extra progesterone to get good implantation. good luck.


leahb5 - November 24

hi everyone hope i can join in...i was diagnosed with "unexplained infertility" in july after trying for almost 2 years then. i did clomid for 6 cycles ranging from 50mg to 150mg. always oing. put on prog. supp for some spotting then put on femara/letrozole 2.5mg. now off of everything before attemping iui/superov. cycle in jan. i'm on cd 27today and saw a little bit of spotting so i'm thinking af is right around the corner....has anyone seen red implantation spotting before(just me hoping) does anyone spot at all before getting their af??? let me know how the clomid works for all of you...good luck!!!!!!! maybe we can all have our christmas wishes come true!!


Maren - November 26

Leah, I am going to start injections in January too! My cycles are irregular so I hope I won't miss it. I am really hoping it will work out on the first try, I could probably do two before I would need to take a break. Have you heard of women starting injections and getting pregnant in the months following, "when they have given up" good luck!



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