Underweight and TTC
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Kimberly-K - June 3

I am told that I'm slightly underweight for my height. A year ago I was 5'5" and 115 pounds, but now I am barely 100 pounds... I was away at school and didn't like the food. Just wondering if it will be hard to get pregnant unless I gain more weight. Does anyone know if there is a necessary BMI? Has anyone had a sucessful pregnancy starting from a low weight?


Mondo - June 3

When I was younger I was allways underweight,I always ate well but never gained.It took 3 heathy pregnancys before I got a good shape.


Kelly - June 3

Kimberly, your BMI should be between 18-26 i believe. I calculated and believe yours is 19. I hope this helps and if your home from school, start eating again!! :)



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