understanding my body
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K.C - May 5

my husband and i have been trying to have our first baby and i was on b/c for 4years. i stoped taking it in feb 05 it is now may 05 and i was still bleeding the whole time. so i started taking them again this week to stop the bleeding. it stoped. what should i do? will i ever have a normal period on my own?


Cutie - May 5

Sweety, you really need to see a doctor. I know its very frustrating, because I had a little similar situation. God bless.


Melissa - May 5

I agree. You should see your doctor. However, if you were on depo it can do that to your body and you would just have to ride it out until you were normal.


k.c - May 6

thanks, i was on estrostep and then i switched to seasonale (the new pills). thanks again for your help


christina - May 6

my girlfriend sharon is going through the same thing, she stopped the pill in nov, then has been bleeind til now, so she is going for a second opinion. you should see your dr. i agree, God Bless.


k.c - May 11

well i havent bleed for two days now. i still dont know what is going on but i have a feeling i will be bleeding again real soon. does anyone have any clue as to why i would stop out of no where?


Melissa - May 11

Have you seen your doctor yet?


kc - May 12

no not yet no time im in the navy.



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