Unable to get pregnant
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lynn - July 23

My boyfriend and i have been trying to have a baby for about a year. It hasn't happened yet and it's starting to put a strain on our relationship. My doctor advises to just keep trying. We want to be parents more than anything. Does anyone have any suggestions how to increase ovulation naturally. How do you keep your man's spirit up after you have had to tell him once again there won't be a baby this month. Thanks for any advice. Also for the women that have already been pregnant, is it jsut around ovulation that you tend to get pregnant or anytime of the month.


D. - July 23

You really need to get the book "taking charge of your fertility" by Toni Wechsler (it could be "take charge of your fertility") to start with. It will tell you all about what is going on with your body and how it all comes together to get us pregnant. Pregnancy can only happen when your egg gets fertilized by his sperm. The sperm only lives for about 2 days (though with really good cervical mucus, they've been known to live as long as 5-7 days) and the egg only lives about 24 hours. You want to time intercourse to maximize your chances to get the two to meet. I would also use OPKs (ovulation predictor kits) starting around the 11th day of your cycle, and charting your temperatures. The OPKs will help you to know WHEN you might expect to ovulate (after a positive OPK, you should O around 12-48 hours later) and charting will tell you whether you did actually O. If you have been doing all of it correctly, and still haven't gotten pregnant after a year, you might want to talk to your doctor to get some testing done. But it is really important to the timing right. If you are allowing more than 48 hours to go between having intercourse, you may not be allowing yourself to make the most of your cycle. I'd suggest, to start, that you start having sex around the 9th day of your cycle, and every other day (or more often if you can, but not less) until you know you have Ovulated. And don't think that we all Ovulate on the 14th. That's simply not true. Some of us will O earlier than that, and many of us later.

I hope some of this helps.




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