unable to detect LH levels
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jamiedawn - January 9

I am a reasonably heathy person, age 28 .. Have had 3 other succesful pregnancy's .. and all of a sudden ..I have'nt gott'en pregnant...My husband and I despretly wanting to add to the family...and have tried ovulation test's and just gett;in busy with it.. It aint work'in! Please respond with serious answer's only.. thank you jamie


lovemy3 - January 9

Hi Jamie. I am 37 turning 38 and have 3 other kids as well. Concieved them no problem. We have now been ttcing our 4th for just over 1 year to no avail. For us I think that it is age. My youngest is now 3 and 3 yrs is significant once you're in your mid 30's. Good luck.



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