ultram/xanax? while ttc
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gracie02 - April 10

does xanax and ultram cut or decrease your chances for ttc? i only take ultram for pms and the other to sleep at nite. im new here thanks in advance


isa - April 10

the less meds the better when trying to conceive. I would check with your doctor and he will weigh the options of taking them vs not taking them. Some drugs will cause fetal abnormalities. I dont know about the 2 you mention. If you can get off of them I would.


Lynn - April 10

I am 35 weeks preg and took a purple xanax every night for sleep also so I don't think xanax decreases you chances


robyn - April 10

My RE wanted me off everything if possible I was taking anti depressant Zoloft and he said with dr's help 1st trimester its know to produce birth defects. So I went cold turkey which I know wasnt the right thing to do. But I had no side effects from doing that.


Melissa - April 10

I was wondering the same thing. I have a panic disorder & take xanax for it. I don't take it everyday...just when I know I'm going to be in a high stress situation for me (like today when I am directing my kinders who are putting on a music program) If I don't take it I get panicky & practically hyperventilate. I see my doctor this wednesday & wanted to talk to her about if I would be able to take something if I get pregnant, because as much as I want to be pregnant it also terrifies me. I'd like to hear more stories from people on similar meds who are ttc...



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