ultra sound and blood on day 3,10,12 any1 know why?
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andy - July 20

I am just waiting for my next cycle to begin and the doc will start with my investigative work. He is doing ultrasounds and blood work on days 3, 10 and 12 of my cycle, an hsg between day 6-12 and a progesterone on day 21.does anyone know what they will be checking for?


merlee - July 20

andy, it sounds like you have a doctor who knows what he is doing, but not so good at communicating. He is checking your hormones at different times b/c they change throughout your cycle. It will give him a starting point to see what your cycle is like and if you are "normal". I wish my doc had done those tests in the beginning, then maybe it would not have taken me 2.5 yrs to understand what my problem was. Go to Fertilityplus.org and click on Hormone Levels & Fertility Bloodwork under Advance Fertility Issues. It will tell you what all of the hormone levels should be and when. Hope this helps and good luck with the baby making.


andy - July 21

merlee thank you so much i will go out and check the web. I agree he isnt the best communicator but its all i have right now. I had no ideas what to ask and just read the mound of paperwork when i got home. THANK U


KellyN - July 21

Hi andy. I feel for you. I have one of those drs too. I had a bunch of those tests this Tuesday (day 3 of my cycle). I got on this site and others to find out what was going on. The dr uses the ultrasound to look for ovary cists (pcos) and fibroids (possible uterus obstruction). On mine they found I did have pcos and one small fibroid. Now they started me off with clomid to help the pcos. The fibroid is too small to obstruct my uterus, so they are not planning anything for that. The HSG is to check out your tubes and other organs in good detail. I am having mine on Monday, so I'm sure I will know all about it after that. Baby dust to you on your next cycle!!! -kelly


Justine - July 21

I did blood tests on day 3 and day 21. Day 21 was to test I had ovulated. Day 3 tested for 5 different things: not sure what they all were - one was thyroid, one was testosterone, think one was FSH (to see how many eggs you have left), can't remember what other two were. Ultrasound checked out shape of womb, for endrometrosis, PCOS, and anything abnormal. Didn't do a HSG.


andy - July 23

thanx justine. I will be having an hsg between day 6 and 12 on top of the other stuff. Just waiting for af tomorrow -my temps down so i know it will be next day or so... problem is i was supposed to be away next thurs night til tuesday for holidays with hubby so now i'm torn weather to do day 3 this month and skip the rest, doc said i could re do it next month with the rest of the tests (doing u/s more than necessary i dont wanna do due to all the water and uncomfortableness) or do i skip my holidays and try and postpone it by a week to get the testing done this month. i am so stressed out about this right now i'm going to have to figure it out once af comes and make decisions.ugh.



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