u/s vs opk 1-0
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elekast - July 11

Hello there, just wondering if anybody has any idea if its possible to conceive with a negative opk. Ttc but missed my fertile window (I think) cause although I tried opk since day 10( of a usually 28dc with usual 15do) reached day 18 and still neg. so I went for an u/s and it showed a very round 20.2mm follicle. It was friday and my physician told me that it probably would burst on sunday night. I kept on using opk to wait for surge but never happened and also could not bd that weekend so I went back on monday (yesterday) afternoon for another u/s just to see that it had burst. I usually have very intense ovulation symptoms and this time I didnt until some mild ones on monday around noon. As a last resort dh and I bd right after the U/S thinking that maybe we can still catch it in the tube... has anyone been through something similar and gotten a BFP???



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