u/s for Fallopian tubes
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Sandy - December 11

Does the ultra sound for the Fallopian tubes hurt.?..the nurse told me to take avil 1 hr before having it done...and the RE wants me on 2 pills of Femara for 5 days.has anyone did this is? is it real painful and what do they do.?.i had a u/s done of my ovaries..but it didn't hurt...so i was kinda wondering...Sandy...this will be my 4 time with Femara but 1st time with 2 pills a day...


Bethany - December 11

Sandy - are yougoing in to have your tubes checked (HSG) or just an internal ultrasound to check for follicles?


kotkot - December 11

well sandy .. ur tubes cant be scanned using ultrasound ... they are much more thin than u can imagine.. they appear on hsg test where they inject ur tubes with a dye and capture several pictures for them.. i suggest just to follow the nurse instructions and take some pain killers before it cause it is uncomfortable. wish u luck



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