u know united health covers IVF& meds....
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aish - December 17

just wanted to tell u gals that we switched to new ins. united health & it covers50 % our 1 ivf with meds ...
its so good ...if anyone wants detail i can tell u guys...all the best frnds...


Tink - December 18

I am switiching to united in january and mine does NOT cover fertility of any kind. it isn't just UNITED, it depends on what your company negotiated as far as insurance. my company contracted with united, but my company declined to have the fertility coverage. so united for your company covers it, but that doesn't mean UNITED covers it for everyone. it is different for every single company. Plus here in TX, fertility/IVF coverage is not legally mandated or forced. so that is great you have....you are blessed. right now i have IUI only coverage with cigna, but united won't even cover that for me when i start united in january.


Tink - December 18

oh and Aish- good luck and definitely take advantage of that coverage. even though i don't have it, i am glad someone does. especially for IVF- best of luck!!


aish - December 18

yeh thanx tink, actually i have no idea how insurance works so i thot of sharing the name of ins. company which covers...sorry if i hurt anybody...


Mega - December 18

That's wonderful Aish! 50% coverage is a HUGE help.


Tink - December 18

no, you didn't hurt anyone, sorry if i sounded rude or mean (it's the follistim injections making me moody! lol)

just didn't want someone to think if they had united it automatically meant coverage. each company is different, so you just have to check on what your company has negotiated for coverage. 50% is awesome and i hope you get the chance to use it. it does help a lot! are you going to do IVF? i wish you lots of baby dust!!! ;)


aish - December 19

Hi Tink, no u were not rude ...actually i thot i hurt others that my ins.. covers & urs not...well i did 4 failed IUI and it total cost us $5000 with injectables&meds...so we spent out of pocket....even docs visit costs me$ 300 ..so we spent so much ...now we got this insurance and we paid $3000 for my IVF but today when u went for my mock they found fibroid i dont know how come they didnt find it before...so i have to quit my ivf for 1 month it seems so even i am so depressed .....i hope we all will get pg soon


ROBYN - December 19

Tink - I agree my husband has United and works for the largest Neonatology Medical Group in the United States and they do not cover IVF we had to do Shared Risk and we got our BFP on our 1st cycle last week. So unfortunately we had to shell out a sh-t load of money. So it depepends what was negotiated. Good luck to you



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