Types of thermometers
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jal239 - August 28

When I started temping to bought a small BD digital thermo. which wold read very low temps(95.5-96.8). I receently purchased a thermoscan thermo. which takes you temp via the ear instead of the mouth. form what I have heard, the ear gives you a more accurate temp. I was just wondering if this is really true. It just seems odd that these two thermo. would give you such different temps. Any thoughts?


chandellina - August 29

hi, i've heard ear thermometers aren't good for temping. that is according to a book i've been reading - taking charge of your fertility by toni weschler. not sure why not though.


jal239 - August 30

I have the same book. I am not sure which one to use. I took my temp theis morning and it read 96.2 with the BD thermo. and 97.4 with the ear thermo. I just want to make sure I am ovulating and w. a low temp that could mena an indication that I am not.


Tracy88 - August 30

I would stick to the basic thermometers that you put in your mouth that are specifically for your BBT. They are found next to the pregnancy tests at CVS.



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