Twomoms - how you feeling?
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Elyse - February 2

I can't find you on any posts. I hope you are well after the IUI - and feeling hopeful - this time will be a charm. The 2ww will be torture - do you have someone to wait with?


Two Moms - February 4

Hi Elyse! I've been all over this forum, reading everyone's posts. Im doing okay, absolutely no symptons yet. I was a little nauseated last night during dinner, but it passed. I have typical PMS symptoms: sore breasts, (especially after my dog stepped on one this am in bed and gave me a mammogram on accident! OUCH!), hunger pains, headaches, and irritability. Im very thankful for a very understanding partner! My IUI was on day 18 so I don't really know when to anticipate AF. If I calculate 27 days, it should be here Wednesday. My partner and I are on the same cycle and she's experiencing more severe PMS symptoms, if that means anything. I hate this! ha ha. I hope you are doing well, what's the next step for you?


Elyse - February 4

HI! I am doing well, very anxious. I am on cd7 and taking 2 shots/night. I go for a follie check tomorrow. I hope I have lots of biggies! Wed is only a few days away - when are you supposed to go back for the beta?


Two Moms - February 5

Elyse...My RE doesn't do a beta. What is it and how is it helpful for your RE? How did your US go today? I hope you had a litter and they are all healthy. My low back/tailbone is really hurting today. Other than that, I am fine. No other symptoms. Tick-Tock...


Elyse - February 6

The beta is the pregnancy blood test 2 weeks after the IUI. The us was good. 4 follies on the right - 9mm, 10mm and 2 smaller ones. On the left, there were 5 - 12mm, 14mm, 14mm and 2 smaller ones. 2 more nights of shots, then back on Tues for another follie check. How are you holding up with the 2ww?


Two Moms - February 6

Elyse! That's great news! Nice follies! I can't believe how much they've grown so quickly, this is CD8 for you, right? I'm okay. These last few days are the worst. I wish I could stop time. There's something a little nice about right after the IUI about not knowing. As it gets closer to AF time, it gets much harder. Im not going to test. Im going to wait and see what happens. I hope to be calling my RE this week, but not b/c AF came. I went to bed with a huge headache last night and still have it. I rarely get headaches, but have had them a lot lately. Could be from the clomid. Clomid magnifies all of my PMS symptoms. My breasts hurt, but are more heavy than anything else. That's about all. When do you anticipate your next IUI?


Elyse - February 6

I think my next IUI will be on Wed/Thurs. I go back tomorrow - hopefully lots of the follies have grown. So you aren't scheduled to test at the RE - do you just have to call if you miss af? I know what you mean about testing...dp does NOT want me to test this time, but I find something strangely soothing about it - although I have palpitations immediately after I rip it from its packaging. I will try not to test this time, but I am not a girl who can NOT know things - I am an information addict.. The nurses at my doc's office are probably so tired of me asking for all my hormone levels when I get the bloodword done. I'm so sorry you have a headache - that makes the days go even slower. I never thought about the hours immediately following IUI - they are very peaceful, as you said. But those hours it seems to turn on a dime, from peaceful and hopeful to anxiety ridden and hopeless.


Elyse - February 6

Twomoms, by the way, I am on cd11 today. The cycle is so much longer than last month (23 days) because I started the Repronex on day 5 this time, instead of day 3. I seem to respond very quickly to the drugs and my cycles are very short. The nurse was being dumb about when I was supposed to go in after af, so I ended up going in cd5. But maybe it will work out better - I have never had so many follies before!


Two Moms - February 6

Elyse...I know what you mean about the nurse being dumb. Our nurse is nice and all, but they screw up all the time. I don't know how many times I've gone to the pharmacy to pick-up my meds and they weren't even called in. Once, they lost my voicemail. We are charged a different amount every time we walk thru the door. It's very frustrating. Our new IVF RE seems to be so much more organized. We're excited about being taken care of with our new RE. When I was getting my HSG, the RE was looking for my right tube and ovary. Finally, I had to remind him that I don't have a right ovary. Gee, I wonder why we're not pg yet....
I am confused about your cycle day b/c on Feb 4 (above) you wrote that you were on cd7, which would make today cd9, but it must've been a typo. 23 day cycles are very short, that doesn't leave much in between waiting, which is a good thing. Im excited for you. I wanna steal Bette and Tina's baby on the l word, don't you?


Elyse - February 6

OK, the whole cd thing... as far as the "official cycle" - b/c the nurse told me to come in 2 days late, they considered my cycle to be 2 days behind where it "really" is, based on af, which I got on Fri, Jan 27. So my "real" cd is 11, but they are considering it cd9 today. SO dumb.


Elyse - February 6

They had a baby???? I haven't watched since the 1st season. I cancelled every amenity we had after our daughter was born and we decided I would stay home - no cleaning lady, no doggy daycare, no eating out 4-5 nites/week, no premium cable channels, lots of coupon cutting - AND I am loving every minute of it - you will too. Will one of you stay home with the baby? Or is that too far ahead to think about? Which sperm bank did you use?


Two Moms - February 6

Well, let's see...When we began this whole process almost 3 years ago, we used California Cryo b/c they have open donors. They also charge $455 each and we bought out 2 donors completely. We have since changed to the cryobank here in Ohio, which are only $270 each.
As for who is staying home...we really haven't planned that far in advance. We kind of learned not too, after buying all the furniture for the baby's room, 3 years ago.
I would love too. And, I would even consider giving up all of our amenities as well. My partner makes twice what I make and she only works 3 days a week. I guess I always thought that I would stay home and she could work a day or even two more per week. Daycare is an option too, but that means I still have to work :-(. I would love to be in your shoes: a baby and not work! As far as the L word, it's not worth watching. It is, but it's so dramatic and very frustrating. Yes, they have a baby but they're relationship is the pits. Tina had another relationship for ahile and then they got back together. Now, she wants to go back to men. Who didn't know that was coming? I guess you could rent it, it's worth the video store trip.


Elyse - February 6

Thanks for the update on the L. I know what you mean about the sperm - we bought so much sperm this time, who knew it wouldn't work right away and we'd be needing it? Ours was $385/vial. His counts have been low in the last few vials, but we don't want to switch now b/c he was the donor for our daughter. The RE tells us we should consider another donor if we use all these vials and the counts aren't good. I guess we'll find out in a couple days.



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