two rounds of inseminations per IUI CYCLE or One
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aish - May 12

please help me i read in posts that someone did 2 rounds of insemination instead of One ....IS that increases the chances ? and if so how much more it cost??? i have to pay 1550 for IUI plus cost of med& around $700 for day 3ultrasound& blood work....


isa - May 13

Hi Aish, I've always done 2 iui's. What they do is trigger you the one day, and the next 2 days you go in for iui's about 24 hours apart. Dh gives fresh sample each day. Day 2normally has less since its only 24 hour in between samples but if done right you ovulate in the middle of the 2 inseminations. Some docs swear by only one, others always do 2. I have done 6 with no luck but I have age factors and dh factors. Mine is $250 (Canadian) for the first, $150 for the second. Meds is on top of that if you do meds. My u/s & b/w are all covered by my provincial health plan. Hope I helped some.


Tracy88 - May 13

My doctor is the best around and he swears by two IUI's. I figure if you are going to dish out all kinds of cash for this, you may as well go all out. From everything I have read in the last 6 months, two IUI's are definitely better than one. When we are able to get started on meds again, we will be doing two IUI's and we pay cash for just about everything, so I know how hard it hits you in the wallet. Good luck.


aish - May 13

thanx allot ...i will ask my doctor about that



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