Twingy Type pains 5 dpiui
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Atava - April 18

If anyone has any thoughts it would be appreciated. The pains are off and on since yesterday and they are approximately 2" below and to the left of my belly button.


Sonyamac - April 18

Not sure, have you had any spotting? It could be implantation..but it isn't normally that noticable.
Best of Luck, and lots of BABY DUST TO YOU.............I go Friday for my iui. I was successful in Oct 2005 and have a 9 month old little boy.
Sonya ;)


mommy2josh - April 18

Did you by any chance have a trigger shot? When I had my trigger shot I felt the same things around my right ovary. Good luck to you and hope you get your BFP.



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