Twingy cramps on 8 DPO
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Pooh - September 10

Hi, anyone ever has twingy cramps on around 8 dpo? It's not painful like before AF. I wonder what this twingy cramps mean. The interesting part is that the cramp is on the same side when I had ovaluation cramp!


Rachel - September 10

I have had strange cramps in lower abdomen since about 3dpo and they are still going at 7dpo. Worse at night and most noticeable when lying down. Also have right side pain and low back pain. I went for walk with DH last night and thta made it worse. Feels like a sore muscle but I haven't done anything, been so busy at work haven't had chance to go to gym for about a week so can't be that. I'm so confused about it so I don't really have a concrete answer to your question. Just know that you are not the only one with the strange cramps...



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