tubes that are damaged
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bj - February 9

Does anyone have tubes that have been damaged (possibly by endometriosis) and still gotten pregnant?


nila - February 9

I know tubes become damaged from pelvic infection not endometriosis, u need surgery(Laparoscopy) to repair your damaged tubes, during that procedure they can remove edometriosis or adhesion that surrounding the passage of your tubes. good luck.


MNation - February 9

Hi tubes were in pretty bad shape and after 14 years of marriage and no baby we ended up having to go thru IVF....They do believe mine was from infection and I even did the laproscopy surgery but it didn't help. Everyone is different so it may work for you. We did IVF once and are now 10 wks pregnant with Twins. Very stressful but ohhhh so worth it. Good luck and I hope the best for you


nila - February 10

Yeah I heard IVF has a greater chance of becoming pregnant and that procedure they can by-pass your tubes if its damage.


bj - February 10

Yeah, I've had the lap already. I was just curious to find out who else had gone through the same thing. Thanks!


nila - February 15

I am really not sure, because my tubes were clear, so i am not sure if i need lap


Mega - February 15

Hi Nilla. My HSG in July proved that my tubes were clear but my RE still thinks a lap is warrented. In fact, I'm having it done on Friday. He's also going to do Ovarian Drilling & a hysterosocpy too "while he's in there." So I'd say if you've been trying for awhile & still aren't pg having a laparoscopy might be a good next step. My RE often does a lap before switching someone to injectables. But every dr does things different I suppose.



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