Tubes Opened after HSG
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tmlc - November 17

I had an HSG done about a year ago and both tubes were blocked. The Doctor got one opened and now I me wondering what the chances are of the tube closing after they were opend during and HSG Examination?


tonyaandjoe - November 17

i have no idea i am sure someone has had the same problem and had gotten prego from it.keep praying.


slowpoke01 - November 18

hey i have read that if you only have one tube that isnt blocked that it may take longer to conceive but that it doesnt mean you cant conceive may just take a little longer than someone with 2 tubes open. the reason for this is because you never know from month to month which tube you will be ovulating from.


slowpoke01 - November 18

After surgical opening, many fallopian tubes close again within a few months, presumably due to the adhesions that form to help us heal from the surgery.

i found this site called clearpassage therapies and they say that they can unblock tubes baturally. it may be worth checking into. also here is the address to their website. be sure to take out the dases - if any should appear. they have a 61 % success rate of opening the tubes without surgery or anything.or drugs, catering to patients from all over the US, and the world
[email protected]

is also another link that you may want to look at. http://www.radiantwonder.c
remember to take out any dashes that show up. good luck.


Chrystina - November 19

Hello tmlc! Don't lose hope. I read on another thread that a girl by the name ot "me" had a HSG done and two weeks later she was pregnant with no help of fertility drugs. Apparently after having a HSG done you're actually quite fertile...So dont give up. Are you trying for #1?


tk07 - November 20

i have a friend that had a hsg done and then was told she would never get pregnant, they gave up and 3 months later she was pregnant! she was so happy and she has a little girl that is 1 year old now! it can happen! good luck!!!!



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