tubal reversal blues
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brina - July 12

I am34 yrs old and my husband of 5 yrs would like to start a family.... Do you think it is too late to have a tubal ligation performed......


Jennifer - July 12

I just got my tubes reversed this past June. I know the Dr. that did mine does it up to the age 40 so you have plenty of time. And he has patients that come from across the US, so just do some research on the subject and Im sure you will find someone to do it. Good Luck!


Holly - July 12

No I do not. I actually wish I would have had the procedure done alot earlier than I did. I had the prodcedure done at 38 years of age, while I am still praying for a pregnancy, you should be alright and a rather good candidate for the operation. Good luck with whatever decision you make.


Beth - July 13

Have it done now! Don't wait any longer. I just had mine done at 36 and still waiting for the BFP.



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