tubal reversal babies
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tonyaandjoe - November 14

has anyone gotten prego after having a reversal? if so how long did it take you and did you have to take fertility pills.


linds99 - November 15

I have to share this story, this lady I met while on vacation last year had both her tubes tied because she didn't want to have any more kids...her first two were hellish pregnancies that threatend her life. Anyway, the doctor told her that there was no way she would get pregnant now, and that if she ever did in the future, the doctor would pay for the whole delivery. Well, one year later, the lady started getting sick in the morning and realized she was pregnant! Her third pregnancy was perfect...and the doctor did pay for the delivery. I bring this story up because this woman actually got pregnant with a tubal surgery that wasn't reversed. How bout that...


tonyaandjoe - November 16

this girl that i worked with her cousin got prego while her tubes were tied. she had a little girl last yr. we had prayed,prayed,prayed,and prayed for a baby while my tubes were tied and i din't get prego. so i had a reversal this past july. we are praying that it comes true.


tonyaandjoe - November 21

any good news from anyone that has had a tr.


Boo b do - November 29

Hi Tonya, I was due my af on the 25th, she has not arrived as of today, so fingers crossed. Am going to wait now until probably the 2nd Dec to test to be sure if AF is still not here by then. Hope you are well. Baby Dust


tonyaandjoe - November 30

i wish you all the baby dust. hopefully you are pregos. i go for my u/s on friday which is my cd 13. how long after you take clomid you ovulate do you know.


Boo b do - November 30

Hi Tonya, I'll try and explain when I ovulated on clomid. Over the last two months I was on 100mg of clomid. In Sept my progesterone level on cd21 was 42.5 (UK), this is a sign that I ovulated according to my dr. I am not sure exactly when I ovulated but it was around CD9 -12, I had symptoms, but was not sure until the blood test on the 13th Oct confirmed I had ovulated. My next cycle started on 25th Oct and I think I ovulated on the 18th Nov CD23 ish. The only reason I know this is because I had pains in my sides and hours after ovulating I had sore nipples. (I was told by a nurse this is a sign of ovulation and many have confirmed this on the forum) I had this the previous month as-well and noticed the comparison between the two cycles. I am still waiting on AF, around five days late, but I think that might be to do with the clomid as I've read that it messes up your periods or it could be I am in the luteal phase. I've tested and its -ive today. As I mentioned earlier I am going to have to try and hold out unitl the 2nd Dec to test if AF does not arrive by then. Good luck with the u/s, fingers crossed for you.


tonyaandjoe - November 30

thanks i hope you are. keep me posted.



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