Tubal ligation and in vetro fertilization
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Haven - December 13

Is it possible to become pregnant after tubal ligation using IVF?


jodi - December 20

what is the average cost of in vetro fertilization?


Pinkywantsbaby - December 21

It varies from state to state, country to country. Me being in Germany it cost $3500. But thats with deductibles.Standard IVF package pricing: $7900 with all monitoring included and thats in Chicago alone.typically amount to 5,000-10,000 dollars (US) per IVF attempt (cycle).


melissa - December 23



Amy - June 29

I believe so


Lena - June 29

Yes, it is possible to become pregnant by IVF after a tubal ligation. The eggs are retreived transvaginally directly from the ovary. There is no need for the ovum to travel through the fallopian tubes.

Here in California, IVF is approximately $8000-$10,000 and ICSI is an additional $2000. Of course this is the preinsurance cost. There is a company that offers IVF insurance. You purchase 3 IVF cycles in advance (they take payments) and if your don't become pregnant, they refund most of your money.



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