TTW---af due Oct 19th
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Phaedra - October 13

When is the earliest you can test? I used a OPK for the first time this month and got weak lines on 10-5 and 10-6 so I think I caught the beginning and end of surge. I know it is early but when is the earliest you can test positive. Not good at waiting :)


Mindi - October 14

It really depends on your body and what type of hpt you use. Most of the ones that are sold in stores, are only able to pick up a positive reading if you have at least 40 mlU/mlhCG in your system (that's the pregnancy hormone). However, there are more sensitive tests that can produce a positive reading with just 20 mIU/ml hCG present. Those high sensitivity ones say that you can test as eary as 6-8 dpo. Go to and that should give you some insight about the different types of hpt's. Good luck! The waiting is the hardest part.


trynwait - October 14

my doc said 14 days past ovulation and it should be correct testing but they do blood at 12 days past so I dont have to buy pee on a sticks.Companies get our money from us saying they can tell early but anyone I know never seemed to get it postiive til a few days after af was due. Save your money and wait til at least af is due (or buy really really cheap ones at the dollar store )


Phaedra - October 15

I have some tests I ordered from TestsforLess but I hate to get my hopes up only to not see the double line. The test says it can pick up at 20 ml but traditionally, my hormones are rather low. Thanks for your help! Anyone else in the ttw?



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