TTC with irregular visits from Aunt flow..
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Heather - September 28

Is there something that i can get to regulate my periods? I went to the doctor and he prescribed progestone. It worked for one period and that was 5-6 weeks ago!!! HELP


Sara - September 28

I found my periods got regular after I went on Clomid. Before I went months without having a period. Now they are b/w 28-32 days. Good luck.


Sara - September 28

Are you trying to conceive Heather or just need something to regulate your periods??


Jill - October 1

Vitex is an herbal supplement that is supposed to work wonders. It regulates cycles and reduces pms. It also is supposed to help you ovulate. It is like an herbal version of clomid with no negative side effects. You should google it. It can be bought at any vitamen or herd store and is about$10. Good luck.


Becca - October 1

Heather- If you are having irregular periods it could be a sign that you may have PCOS. Other symptoms are more than normal facial or body hair, acne, weight problems, etc. If you have several of these symptoms or even just from not having periods you should ask your doctor to check your thyroid, blood sugar and do a possible u/s to check if you have PCOS or something else. I have PCOS and my periods got farther and farther apart. If you are wanting to get pg I would suggest seeing an RE. Hope this helps.



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