TTC with irregular aunt flows
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Heather - September 28

I was one BC pills up until JUne "05. I didn't get a period until i went to the dr in august and got on progestrone. I haven't gotten it since. I am only 21!! Is there something seriuosly wrond with me?


M'Rita - September 29

Hi Heather!
I don’t think that there is something seriously wrong with you dear. I've also stopped BC pill on the 16July, I did get my period on the 23August, which was couple of weeks left. Some people take longer time to get to they regular cycles after pill. Like my cycles are normally 28-29 days and the one after pill was 38 and today is CD38 of a new one and still no AF. Some people don't get their period for months after pill and some also bleed for month’s non stop. They say that it takes up to 3 months for the pill effects to be out of your body. So just give it time honey or go back to your doctor for some tests if you are really worried.
I'm 24 and TTC baby #1.
U can e-mail me if u wish - [email protected]
Love xxx Rita


Mega - September 29

Hi Heather. Were you regular before you started BC pills? If you were regular to begin with there's a good chance your body will get back to pre BC regularity soon however if you were irregular beforehand you may not really be ovulating. If that's the case, don't worry there are a lot of advancements, but I'd think about going back to to your OB and perhaps getting some bloodwork. It could be PCOS, or a thyroid issue. Again, there are treatments available for both conditions. I stopped BC in July 2004 and 35 days later I got AF, then the next time it was 38 days, then 43 and so on with each cycle getting longer til at one point I went 73 days and only got AF because I took Provera. I was dx with PCOS, however with Clomid (a rather inexpensive drug) I'm able to O on my own & am pretty regular--at least for me. I'm 30 & TTC #1, I'm on Metformin 1500 mg, and about to start
my 3rd cycle of Clomid & do my 1st IUI. Good luck!



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