TTC with Clomid
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JessRap2 - October 5

Hey ladies! Hope everyone is having a good day, and getting those BFP:) Well lets see I am 25 tomorrow and my husband is 28 and we have been ttc for about 8 months or so. I noticed a huge change right when we began, as I was getting my period ever 2 weeks. So we went to the ob and did tests, paps, u/s, you name it we did it, and everything came back normal except for the fact that I wasnt ovulating. So in came my new friend Clomid. Started my first round in sept, and hurray I finally ovulated!!! Had all the symptoms of a pregnancy but sadly we got a BFN :( So here we are a new month and AF comes into town but this time for 5 days and normally my period is around 7-8 days no biggie, so now we are on Clomid round 2 day 2. I really hope this works this month. I'm destined to be a mommy just like the rest of you. I know we all hate it when someone says "oh it'll happen when its meant to" or " oh dont worry your time will come" Sometimes I just want to scream "WELL WTH WHY ISNT IT HAPPENING NOW, THE TIME IS NOW I'M READY" But I just smile and say "yea". I know we all are going through this or have. I just wanted to write a little about my story and see if any one has questions or even some success stories from being on Clomid or even non Clomid success stories. My husband and I are going to be trying again and hope for the best.

Pregnancy Dust to all of you ladies! Goodluck and God Bless!


SAL1984 - October 19

I know exactly wheat you mean! I cannot stand when people tell me "it will happen when you least expect it," or "just stop thinking about it." These are usually the people who have not been through what we are going through. I started Clomid in September of 2011. I got pregnant on my 5th round. The pregnancy ended in a miscarrage. Incredibly heart-breaking. My doctor basically said to pick up where we left off. I got back on Clomid in July and am now currently in my 4th round, days 5-9. It is so frustrating waiting month to moth for that BFP!


JessRap2 - October 19

Im so sorry to hear about your loss. I have yet to be pregnant at all, and I couldnt even imagine a loss as severe as that. I finished my 2nd round on Oct 8th, so hopefully it worked! I havent really thought about being pregnant to much this month as I have been very busy so maybe that will help! (wishful thinking) My 2 week waiting period is over in 1 week so we will see. I have decided that this time I am not going to take a test and just see if my enemy (af) shows up. And if not than I will test. I wish you all the best in your BFP journey! Keep in touch! *baby dust to us*


SAL1984 - October 19

Keeping busy is the best thing to do. The month I got pregnant, I honestly had convinced my mind that I wasn't. I refused to buy a test until I was a week and a half late. Now, this second time around, I buy one when I hit that 5 day mark before AF show. I am test-obsessed which is horrible because I completely psych my mind out. I have decided this month I refuse to buy a test (no matter how hard the temptation) until I actually miss AF. *Baby dust to us both* I hope things work out for us! Keep in touch!


JessRap2 - October 19

OMG I am test obsessed to. But how can you not be when something you want so bad is inches away and finding out is so easy. Lets hope for our BFP's!!!!!!!!!!!


SAL1984 - October 20

Yes! BFP's for us!!!!!!!


JessRap2 - November 2

I got my BFPs today!


bgrovesallen - January 25

did you have a lot of side effects with clomid Im starting it next cycle Im nervous and excited but don't wanna get my hopes up


SAL1984 - January 25

bgrovesallen--My biggest complaint about Clomid is that it mimics pregnancy symptoms, completely getting your hopes up at times. Also I've noticed slight weight gain, some acne, oily hair and skin, headaches, and tender breasts. While this does sound a bit overwhelming, if it gets me a baby then it's totally worth it!

JessRap2--I'm so happy for you! I know it has been awhile, but I wish you the absolute best of luck with your pregnancy =)

~~Baby dust to us all~~


bgrovesallen - January 28

did your periods get better? mine range from 35 to 48 days with horrible cramps


SAL1984 - January 28

Hi bgrovesallen! When I was on Clomid the first time, nothing changed. My cycles remained the same (28 days), little to absolutely no side effects, normal cramping on day one. But now, being on it again, my cycles range from 28-31 days with some spotting beforehand and light cramping. I asked my doctor about this and he said it was completely normal. I also have all of the side effects mentioned above in my previous post. It is incredibly frustrating this go-round because the Clomid mimics pregnancy symptoms which is incredibly disheartening.


MELISSAgg - January 16

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natasha cole - January 24

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