TTC -What is HSG test? Does it really increase fertility?
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anistak - August 9

DH and I have been officially TTC for 1 year now, and the doctors are willing to start concidering infertility as a reason. Today I went to the Gyne and they found yet another cyst on my ovary, and no AF since June 21. Not Preggos. The Dr. wants to "flush the tubes" and I am guessing it's with this HSG test. Is it painful? I heard that it can increase the chances of fertility by 30%. Has anyone gotten pregnant directly after this test?

I am only 23, but already have finished college have my career and my husband, and we're very excited to start a family, but unfortunatly it's not going so well. I'm just glad that we started trying so early! Good luck to everyone trying.


grad19 - August 9

Hello Anistak. I had an HSG test this past Friday. It was not painful for me. However I do know of people who get cramps. The test only lasts for about 5 minutes and is relatively easy. I heard too that the test increases your chances by 30%. I wish you luck and I will let you know if it helped my DH and I ! The key is to bd the next day and every other day after the test.


mtnlass - August 10

There is another thread somewhere on here that has alot of stories. I'll see if I can bump it up. It's quite long. I'm hoping it increases fertilty. I had one done last week. We've been trying for 18 months. I have two other children and they were not hard to conceive. So who knows what the problem is. Husband refuses to be tested again so I'm making sure everything is fine with me and hoping for the best. The procedure wasn't bad. There was more pain when the radiologist was looking for my cervix because of the pressure on my rectum then the actual procedure. Good luck to both of you!! May a Big beautiful belly be just around the corner.


marymo - August 10

hi mtnlass, your story sounds a lot like mine. Im going for an HSG next week. Im a little nervous, but hopeful. Ive been ttc for 2 years, I also have two children, conceived them without any problems. My husband also has been through the whole SA testing, I really doubt if he would do it again. He was such a sweetheart to even do it in the first place. Were your tubes clear? How about your husband, did everything check out with him? Im just curious, I hope Im not asking too much. Its just nice to get some feedback from someone who has a similar situation as myself. Otherwise, my cycles are regular, 28-29 days, I ovulate, all my bloodwork, FSH, estrogen, thyroid,prolactin, progesterone checked out fine. I cant figure it out. Hopefully there will be some success with the HSG. Best of luck to you.


tynadu - August 11

Hello Anistak, I had my HSG today and everything went great. I took pain med. one hour before and didnt have any pain after. BabyDust to All!!


mtnlass - August 13

Marymo, the test was no big deal. Almost like going to the dentist. Thankfully my tubes were clear. I also have endo so I was very afraid that my tubes would be completely blocked. The radiologist was wonderful and told me my tubes were clear and even showed me the screen and explained everything when he was done. It was really neat to see where my uterus and ovaries were. They do not look like they do in a text book. My doctor did blood before I went for my test but I haven't gone back yet to get the results. I don't seem to have normal cycles but at least I seem to ovulate. DH did SA before we had our first ( we didn't prevent for 3 years but were very busy with military and school) but we got pg just after two months charting. His SA showed low count but high motility. DD was conceived on the second month of trying. So this has been very frustrating. I have already gone past the two deadlines I've giving myself. I didn't want my children too far apart. They are 9 and 5. Everyone is still on the I want a baby boat some I'm going to keep trying until the winds change. I am so hoping that the hsg will do the trick this month. I think I'm oing now so it's at least 12 days to wait. Best of luck to you and may we all have big beautiful bellies very soon.


blf0521 - August 13

hi anistak. I had a HSG done in May. I was really nervous about it. It was not that bad at all. I am a big baby about pain and it was just fine. I took 800mg Motrin before to help with cramping. I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) I wonder if that is what you have. It caused irregular periods. I am being treated with Clomid & Metformin. It has helped finally and i am finally have normal cycles. Its my 2ww so im hoping the meds did the trick this month!!



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