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alexasmommy - April 8

Just wondering if there were any positive stories out there about women w/ PCOS ttc. I have 1 daughter age 2 that I had no problem getting pregnant with or delivering. My problems started after her. Now 2 m/c later I have been diagnosed with PCOS. I am taking glucophage and prometrium to help regulate my cycle. I am so scared that I will m/c again. I'm also struggling because it has been so hard for me to lose weight the last two years. I just feel miserable right now about ttc so any positive advice or stories of success would be so appreciated by myself and dh. Thanks.


Lynn - April 8

i have a 2-month old after being diagnosed with PCOS in 2000. i had m/c and ectopic and was TTC for 3+ years. after 7 months of metformin (generic for glucophage) my periods were regular and got pregnant with out fertility assistance. i took met until 12 wks to cut down on m/c rate. GL



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