TTC thyroid problems
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Cendy - August 29

Hi all! I have been TTC for almost a year now and I have thyroid problems. I had a thyroidectomy about two years ago due to Graves disease which cause my thyroid to enlarge into a goiter. My thyroid levels are within normal ranges and I have been on Clomid for 5 cycles now with no luck. Does anyone else have this kind of thyroid problems while TTC? I would love to have someone to talk to in my same position. Baby dust to all!


Cee Bee - August 30

Hi Cendy...I have Hashimoto's disease (which is an underactive thyroid I believe). I have been aware of it for a couple of years now, and been on thryoxine - but each time I retest, they bump up my doseage just a little bit. Last test, they finally referred me to an endocronologist - so I have that appt. tomorrow. Also, my "jungle dr" (that's what I call her) said "the medicine man" (from the Amazon) says the thryroid gland is considered the third ovary - so important that it is in good health in order to make sure you keep a check on it and that it stays within appropriate ranges. Good luck....


Renee - August 31

Hashimotos for me too. I had 4 m/c before I found out I had it then only 1 healthy pregnancy -- been trying since without luck -- now I have thyroid probs, low progesterone and high prolactin and am on Dostinex. Not to mention, I'm OLD to boot!!! Good luck you guys!!


Cendy - August 31

Hi Cee Bee and Renee. Cee Bee now that I have no thyroid gland at all, I have to keep check on my levels reguarly. I see an endocrinologist frequently. I knew the thyroid would be an issue when we decided to have more children, i just never dreamed it would be this hard to conceive. Renee I am so sorry to hear about the m/cs. I have only have one, so I can understand your pain. Good luck to the both of you!



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