TTC-tests state low progesterone levels-anyone else w/ this?
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miffitt - August 30

hi I need advice and information. I am hetero for C-677T MTHFR, have a antithrombin III clotting problem, and when tested for progesterone levels while not pregnant I was found to have low progeterone levels as well. I am taking baby aspirin, extra folic acid, extra vit b supplement, and my prenantal vitamin. I also just had a polyp removed from my uterus. I have one healthy son and have had three confirmed miscarriages. My obgyn stated that i should begin to take progesterone as soon as i got a positve pregnancy test. I have done some reading and some speacialists state that if you have low progesterone then you need to take it from ovulation b/c it is needed to prepare the lining of the uterus for the baby. I am three days late for my period, but I have taken a couple of urine tests and they are all negative. I am concerned that I am getting pregnant, but i am not able to keep the pregnancy b/c the lining is not prroperly prepared? With my last two miscarriages they never found anyhting in my uterus with an ultrasound-lost at 7 weeks and 6 weeks. Any ideas? So wanting another baby. thanks


linds99 - August 30

You are so right about dealing with this progesterone issue head on. You need to build up the lining of the uterus asap because some women implant sooner than others, so you are right about the fact that some doctors recommend taking progesterone right after ovulation (but you need to confirm that ovulation has in fact occurred via blood test and or ultrasound) before you take progesterone, because if you take it too early, you could impair ovulation and get an LUF. Anyway, I say tell doc to put you on Crinone progesterone suppositories (as I read they are the best because it goes right to the uterus instead of having to go through the liver via pill form.)


Val - September 1

hi Miffitt... I agree with Linds about asking to be put on progesterone after ovulation. I had low progesterone on my 7dpo test this past cycle and my RE prescribed Prometrium to start 4 days after my positive opk. I'm wondering if low progesterone has been my problem all along, and hoping this might do the trick. LINDS, what is an LUF?



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