TTC Terms
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hisbbygrl - October 12

I'm quite confused as to the different abrieviations that are used on the forums. If you could please help me out, I'd appreciate it.


If you can think of any other that are used and can tell me what they mean, I'd love it.


gmh - October 12

OK there are the ones that I know BFP is big fat positive , BFN big fat Negitive, HTH hope this helps, BD "baby dance" which is "makin' baby"
IUI that is an actual term "intra-uterine insemination" as for the AF not sure...


kbward - October 12

AF (I think) is Aunt Flow a/k/a your period.


Boo b do - October 12

Hi there, I had the same problem. I found this web site. http://4womenonly.mutexdev
Hope it helps. AF means Aunt Flo (menstruation), BFP means Big Fat Positive and IUI means Intra-uterine Insemination. Good luck



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