TTC on Clomid - lots of cramping?
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kris - May 4

My husband and I have been ttc for over 2 years, this was our first month on Clomid. I have of course taken 3 hpt's and all are negative/with evaporation lines which I hate!!! I have been experiencing a lot of cramping which is completely unnormal for me especially before my period. Is that a common side effect for people on clomid?


nicole - May 4

I think it is quite common. I have been on it for 3 months and two out of the three months I had painful cramping. My doctor told me that this is normal.


Kris - May 4

Thanks Nicole. I just wish getting pregnant was easier! Good Luck to you.


Zi - May 5

Hey Kris, I'm going to start clomid myself as soon as I start my period. I've been ttc for 16 months. I know, it is very stressful, especially when all of your friends start getting pregnant as soon as they try. I had HSG test in March and I got pregnant, but I miscarried. Now, My doctor is recommending me clomid and uterus insemination. I will try clomid, but I don't want the inesmination right away.


Lisa - May 5

I am taking Clomid, too. This is my fifth try on it and I am cramping this time around, but I don't remember doing this in the months before. I am hoping the cramps are a good thing.


Heather - May 6

My first round of clomid I had cramping & I did in fact conceive. I m/c's unfortunately though & and am trying again now. Good luck everyone! *~*~*~*~*~*~


Kelly - May 7

I just started taking clomid. 3rd day today. When do you experience cramping?? are you guys talking around af or while on the clomid. I have only noticed that I am a little more tired.


I'm Heather also - May 7

Kelly.. The cramping for me started about a week or so after the last clomid pill...I'm still experiencing cramping and I hope it's a good sign. This was my first cycle of clomid.....hopefully my last if you know what I mean (lol). Baby dust to us all.


Heather - May 7

The first time I had the cramping around O time and it lasted off & on until I got my bfp. This time around I have had the cramping around O time and then about 4 days after it came back and has been off & on. I don't test until next Friday.


Kelly - May 8

Thanks Heather and I hope you get your BFP!!!! Please let us know. Did you have any other side effects on the Clomid?


AriL - May 15

I went on the web tonight looking for why I am in so much pain from these damn cramps. Glad to know I am not alone. Sounds like it is yet another lovely part of the package. Good luck!


Amanda - May 16

hi there all. I have also been on clomid for about 5 months now and i hate it and the side affects. But it is our only hope I am on day 25 now just a few more to go but i know it is a negative again I am so ready to give up. I am glad that there is a board out there that i can talk to people about the samme thing.


sue - May 17

I had cramping, quite severe, around ovulation during my first cycle of chlomid. I had it again when I thought I was going to get my period. Turned out to be pregnant after two years of trying! Have a beautiful daughter now. Good luck!


Kristie - May 31

It's so nice to hear there are others out there who are also experiencing cramping. I've noticed it more when I excercise and later at night. Does anyone have good news yet due to cramping or is this just a side effect of the Clomid?



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