ttc, not successful, frustrated...please help!
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confused - December 14

hello ladies. i have been ttc for a few months now and havent been successful yet. my period is totally irregular. a couple months ago i got it on the 15th of the month, then the 20th then the 14th and this month the 11th. what is going on? me and husband bd'd right around 2 weeks after af. how on earth can you tell if your ovulating when your period is so irregular? does charting temps really work? and if so, how do you do it exactly? thanks so much for any input. i just feel real let down right now :(


cw - December 14

confused....i know what you mean about being irregular. this is the first month that af has showed up on her own since 02/05. last month i started taking alot of vitamins and i really think that helped. af showed exactly when she was supposed to. i am taking vitamins E,C,B6,zinc and flic acid. i really think that has helped me. good luck!


Mega - December 14

If your period is that irregular, there's a good chance you're not even ovulating. To that end, charting is probably your best bet. Starting on CD 1 of your next cycle, start taking your temp when you first wake up. You need to take it at roughly the same time each morning. Have the chart, the thermometer, a pen, a flashlight if needed etc by your bed so you barely have to roll over to reach them. You can buy special BBT thermometers at drug stores, etc. It might take a few months to establish a pattern. I don't think your irregular enough to not be ovulating though, but charting will definitely help you identify your personal pattern. If your irreg. continues to get worse, or your charting proves your not ovulating, I'd definitely see a dr as soon as possible. Even if you don't Ov on your own, there's lots of options out there. I was irregular too, turns out I wasn't ovulating & I have PCOS. My dr put me on Clomid & it's been working pretty well for me, though I'm still not pregnant. Good luck! HTH!


confused - December 14

thank you both for your replies. you were both helpful and i will try what you suggested. thanks again and good luck to you



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