TTC. need some help on how/advice. plz
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Vanessa - July 31

Hi plz bare with me as im writting i just want to give enough info so you can help me with some advice. ok me and my husband are ttc for a yr and half now. the dr says were both fertile but just takes time. how long geez. we are married and have been together 4 7 yrs, never used condoms or birth control. I have regular periods just differ by a day sometimes. i have ovarian cyist but they say there not harmfull just maligment. but see when i get my period they are so painfull where i cant move or get out of bed and they make me cry and i have to go to the hospital sometimes cause there so bad. then theres times when there not even there, the dr says its just the cyist leaking sometimes. i have read when you have painfull periods its usual harder to get pregnant. is that true? i can tell when i am ovulating an all but we usual have sex the day i start ovulating or day after. i still have not gotten pregnant. can anyone give me adivce on how and when to have sex and all? I'd really apriciate it. thanks and good luck to you all.oh and also advice an what to chart and how. sry for such a long thing. btw my last period was july 27 , so when should we have sex?



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