ttc month #6
2 Replies
jess - October 18

I have high hopes for this month. My period is due on Oct. 25th. My breats are very sore which is uncomman for me. I'm hoping this is the month i get pregnant. Thanks for your support in the past months. baby dust to all


Mega - October 18

Good luck! Sounds like a good sign. Be sure to keep us posted. Hopefully this is your month. Baby dust to you too!!!


Kristi - October 18

My AF is due Oct 25th as well....first month of clomid. I do not have any symtoms of anything - usually the week before AF I am crampy, bloated and some months have sore breasts, but so far nothing on either PMS or pg symptoms. According to my BBT and stuff I ovulated on cd 16 so I am only 8 dpo with around a 30 day cycle....who knows....good luck to you and lots of baby dust!



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