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andy - July 8

hi everyone ... I´m Andy and am 23 , been TTC for number 1 for 10 months now and had a m/c 7 months ago ... Last month Dr detected no ovulation and this month we started follicle monitoring ... Started with u/s on CD2 and FSH ( Fostimon ) shots from that day to CD11 ... Went for an u/s about every 3 days and on Cd 12 got 2 HCG shots to make me ovulate .... The thing is that on CD13 went to another u/s and my Dr got a little worried cause I had like 6 vey big ( 24 mm to 20 mm ) follicles and Dr told me that It caould be hiperstimulation ..... I really want desperatelly a baby , but I´m a little worried cause I have a lot of stomach pain and cramps ... I know what my chances are , and probably will have nothing to worry about , but could this pain mean any trouble ... or just multiple ovulation ..... Please any advice will be of great help !!!!!


Mega - July 10

Hi Andy. Wow that's quite a high response you had. The more eggs you O, the more crampiness there tends to be. I finally had a good response my last cycle of Repronex, I believe I probably had 5 follies mature come O time.(My last u/s had shown 3 big ones & 2 borderline mature follies). Anyway it was very crampy, much worse than subsequential, lower response cycles. Now about OHSS, most likely what you're experiencing is normal with all your follies but your dr is right to be cautious of the fact that you could overstim (call OHSS or Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation Syndrome). It's pretty rare but potentially serious. The next few days to a week watch your symptoms & if you get worried don't hesitate to call your dr. Here's a website with more info. on OHSS & what to watch for & when to call your dr.
For me, the crampiness went away the next day. I hope this is the case for you. Good luck & I hope this info is helpful. Babydust!



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