ttc looks easy but its more harder than you think
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isobelle - June 20

i have been posting on this forum now for a while and i have seen so many women like me trying to conceive for a long time there is a 25% chance of conceivinmg each month so that its very small. you see on television women and girls who have become pregnant after sex once or a few times but that is not how it is. maybe they should stop showing things like that as it makes us think before we even ttc that its going to be an easy job for us. it is bloody hard work and emotionally draining. i have decided after this cycle if i am not pg then i am going to my gp to seek help. it cant be normal for an 18 year old to be trying so hard it was the same with my last partner 1 year and no luck then we split up as it was too much for our relationship. anybody who agrees with me please post me back. good luck to everyone and baby dust to you all xXx


Still trying - June 20

I am twenty years old and my boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive for about six months now and there has been nothing. There was a point where for two months I did not have a period and we thought we were pregnant but that was soon out lived by another cycle. I don't know what to do. We've tried everything and still nothing. If you have any "pointers" let me know.


Joby - June 20

I am 32 & we have been ttc 6 months next week. I think in the UK you need to ttc for 1 year before you can see a dr for any assistance.....


Chicks - June 20

Hi Isobelle! I think that most of us on this board know how you're feeling. I'm 28 and my husband is 27 and we've been trying for 9 months with nothing. You know, everytime you test and it comes out negative, a little piece of your heart breaks even more and it is a strain on any relationship. Just make sure this guy that you're with now can handle the strain that it takes on you. Guys are different, most just don't understand what it's like for a woman when TTC.. For me, I feel like a failure as a wife that I can't conceive a baby and I'm not sure why.. I am going back to the doctor's tomorrow though, we'll see how that goes... But, it is very taxing on a woman, so just make sure that he's there for you through this process and try to make sure he understands your frustration and sadness.. Good luck to all of us!


isobelle - June 21

every time i test its negative i think am i wasting my time or are these tests just wrong? most can be wrong from what i hear from girls on here


Alissa - June 21

Hi girls I have been trying for 6 months will soon be 7..I have a 3year old and My cycles have always been all over the place they used to be 28 to 30 days after i had him. they went to 35 to 41 days. I am now taking Vitex it is an herb thats is supposed to balance out your hormones and cycle. If you girls are having problems with all of that I would start there first. It usually takes about a month for it to start to work..Yes the waiting game again..But I'm not getting pregnant by having my hormones all messed up so I'll fix the problem first and see what happens?? good luck to you all ~*~*~



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