TTC lifestyle changes and frustration
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Mellie - January 17

We are in our 5th month of TTC. I have PCOS and we're both 35 so we could be in this stage for some time. I am a very healthy person normally, but since we started TTC I've made a lot of lifestyle changes. I stopped coloring my hair, between O and period I abstain from alcohol and caffeine. I've cut back drastically on nutrasweet and have almost no soy anymore (one of my favorite things). I've cut back on carbs. If I were pregnant I would be so happy to make all of these changes. But, since we're not pregnant I feel like I'm doing all of this for nothing. I'm growing resentful and I'm annoyed with myself for feeling this way. I think I'd be pretty ok about it if I knew we were going to be pregnant within a normal range of time but I suspect we could be like this for a very long time. Are other people "living like a pregnant woman" when they're TTC? Am I too extreme? Do others feel some resentment about this?


karenk - January 17

Hi Mellie. I know exactly what you mean. I am 34, been ttc #1 for a year. In the midst of all of it, my husband took a job in another state, so we moved from all of our friends, my job, etc. I feel like I am in limbo, not wanting to move forward on a job search, etc. I just keep hoping that THIS will be the month, and then I won't have to look for a job. I worry about having to tell a new employer that I need time off for appointments, procedures, etc. I am also tired of taking the stupid prenatals. They make me burp and I hate the taste, and I think every night when I take it that it is for nothing. But, I come onto this forum and see lots of women who went through much more then I, and it gives me hope. I think it is okay to feel resentment and frustration....all emotions are legit in ttc, but try to balance it with hope. Baby dust to you!


Mellie - January 17

Thanks, KarenK. You make a good point. There are a lot worse things about fertility problems. I'm just frustrated and miss my old carefree life. A co-worker just invited me to a happy hour on Friday. I probably won't go b/c I can't drink right now and everyone will assume I'm pregnant if I'm drinking water. (I've been asked twice if I was pregnant during no-drink zone times.) Good grief!


karenk - January 17

Mellie, my RE actually told me I could drink in moderation during the 2ww. It may help with relaxation. My sister-in-law did IVF, and her doc told her until the placenta forms, the alcohol cannot cross over into the embryo. I say go to the happy hour and sip on one drink and just enjoy!



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