TTC jan cycle buddies wanted
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julie2007 - January 4

hello - my name is julie - i am very new to posting things on a forum - but i have searched the net to find some answers - and would love to have some company on the TTC journey. i am on CD11 and i am doing the OPK's (it took a lot of post reading to figure out some of these abbreviations - but i'm trying)..... i am blessed to have a 17 month old DD - but have been trying for 6 months to have another. no luck so far. last month was my first clear blue easy monitor month - and i guess i didn't do it right cuz i didn't get out of the "low" range. still in "low" range today - hoping to get some sort of high or peak this month - but starting to get discouraged. i am 38 now and OB said time isn't on my side at this point - - -- ---- so (luckily --??? i guess) i had DH pick up a prescription today for clomid 50mg for the next cycle (kinda thinking that since the doc finally agreed to give it to me - he thinks it won't happen on my own this month either) - - so - - here i type reaching out to see if anyone else is in a similar situation? or has any suggestions? also am i supposed to be monitored in some way by the doc while i start taking the clomid? sounds that way in other posts - ?
thanks for any words you may have - i hope to hear from someone - and maybe even find a cycle buddy.


iampg - January 4

i give the same advice to all ttcers. inseminate by hook or by crook every other day all month long every month until you reach you goal is stll the natural way to get pg! you can in theory ovulate any time during the cycle. my mistake was trying to have timed bd and long gaps of abstinence. now we're onto a crank up that sperm factory. i'm cd 18. i must not test until Jan 16 (recovering early test addict) i took 100mg of clomid cd 1-5. once the dr knows you're ovulating, you'll find they leave you to do your bit unless you opt for IUI. go girl!


ellabella - January 5

Hi Julie,
I read your post on another thread and we have a lot in common (as i'm sure many others). This is my 1st time posting and the only forum i had interest in. Most women seem pretty cool and supportive of each other. Anyway, i've been ttc for a little over a year. I have a dd who's 3 and in need of a sibling. (she wants a girl) I'm starting my 1st round of clomid this month. I'm guessing around the 10th or so? I have long, unpredictable cycles so it's a total guestimate. I think i read somewhere that you're starting clomid toward the end of Jan, right? So, i'll happily be the guinea pig and let you know everything that happens. I'm doing 50mg cd3-7. The only test she's doing is a prog. draw cd19,20, or 21. That's just to make sure i'm o'ing. I had 3 mos in a row w/no o. Makes it difficult to get preggo, you know:) I really hope other Jan ttc'ers will join us. I'm obsessed w/fertility and have been for soooo long. My dh thinks i'm affecting things, but i can't help it. i really think it'll happen whether or not i think about it, you know. I can't just "relax" and let it happen. i need to be on top of things- or on bottom:) Can't wait to enter the clomid journey w/you.


julie2007 - January 5

thanks girls.
so iampg - try not to test too early - i have done the same! let us know how it goes - fingers crossed for you.
ella - i read your post on the other thread too - and thought we were in similiar situations also - so glad to have someone who is going thru the same sort of stuff.
being new to this - i still have questions. . . . . .now on CD 12 - still reading "low" on the clear blue monitor - not sure if that is something that will change. i used different test sticks last month, my 1st month with an OPK and they didn't show a "high" fertility time - so i figured i was doing them wrong - so i got the CB easy monitor this month -now i am just wondering if i am not ovulating at all? my doc said i can take the clomid next cycle as he was not in when i needed to start and didn't get a script in time this month -- so i duess i wll just try to BD (i assume this means intercourse - ?) as soon as i see the change in the monitor - or get to day 14 again with no change. i had no AF till august - since i was (/ still am only 1 x day now ) - breastfeeding - and the cycles have gotten increasingly longer each month - now up to 41 days this past month. so i really have NO idea how to time this. i have been pretty crampy on alternate sides just before and during AF - so i was pretty sure i was ovulating. also will clomid alter an OPK result?
good luck on the clomid ella - let me know about the side effects - and stuff - i have read to take it at night so you don't feel sick - but my doc said if you feel sick - it's doing it's job. i wish you a BFP - and it would be great to have someone who's just a few weeks ahead of me to do this with. my dh is starting to think i am putting too much thought into this as well. but i want another baby so much - it's hard not to think about it (especially when i have the monitor every morning to remind me i an still in a "low" fert. time....)
sorry for the negativity - i was just really hoping for a high monitor read on day 12 -- hopefully day 13 or 14 will bring change.
i am still excited to talk with others in our same situation - we can use the support and support each other!
wishing everyone a BFP! goodnight.


julie2007 - January 5

sorry ella - i am not sure exactly when i will be starting the clomid - since the cycles have been so off -- but should be no later than 1st wk feb. my dh says maybe we won't even need to use it - i love his optimism - but just not feeling that lucky........and haven't had a OPK+ in 2 months.


ellabella - January 6

Hey Julie and iampg. So nice to sit and write to you as it has been such a hormonal day. Ever get so snippy and know you're being completely irrational, but still can't stop yourself. Remember that cheesy commercial, "Calgon, take me away". That was totally me today. I think af is visiting in the next couple days. But on top of that, my dh proudly says it's probably because he "did the job" this month. I try to tell him i haven't even o'd, but he is frustratingly optimistic. In fact, he was shocked when my bloodwork confirmed i hadn't o (when i already told him i hadn't) UUUGH! Apparently from what Julie said about her dh, optimism must be a guy thing. Sometimes i feel so hopeless and wish i could always see the glass as half full. Clomid is giving me something to look forward to. Speaking of, from what i've read, clomid doesn't alter results of opk's- thank God for that. I was wondering the same thing. Please no more false hope! Julie, last month i had a +opk w/cramps that lasted like 5 hours and i still didn't ovulate!! I take my bbt , not religiously though. I just know where my temps should be after o now. The previous 2 mos before that, i also had no +opk, like you. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you o on your own unlike me! Since your cycles are so long, maybe you won't get a +opk til cd 25 or so. I'd take them sooner, but just don't feel let down if it doesn't happen so early. BTW, bd means "baby dance":) Hope everyone has a nice WE. I have a baby shower to attend. I'll try not to let them see me cry, just joking. Bye for now...


julie2007 - January 11

hi ladies:
ella so sorry you didn't o - arent' you supposed to start the clomid today? it's the 10th --- maybe you got your miracle -?? and won't need it??? i will look forward to reading about it.
i am cautiously optimistic - amongst other things today - i got a +opk this month on CD 16, so i'd like to believe we have a chance this month. . . but not sure after reading your post ella, atleast last month i didnt' get a +opk so i knew i wasn't ovulating on my own, not that i was happy about it. so now i sit and wait 2+ weeks since my cycles are so long, and hope and pray i get a little miracle. on another note - one of my friends called today to tell me she is so sorry she hasn't been in touch since before christmas - but she has been so very ill, and i offered some help --- and she summed it up with she can't believe how at 41 she is going to have ANOTHER baby, and it was completely unplanned - and she was not wanting another one - is so hard to pretend to be happy for someone when i am trying so hard to get pregnant and she didn't want any more kids - and is now going to have one -- i am sure she will love the baby, once she gets used to the idea of a "surprise" pregnancy. boy what i wouldn't give to have a healthy pregnancy and baby!!!
thanks for letting me vent. hoping for a BFP before the end of the month!
would love to hear more from folks in my similar situation.....


pmblake - January 11

Hi Julie. I'm 39. I have been ttc #3 for 2 1/2 almost 3 years. I've been through the clomid thing and I've been through injectables w/ IUIs. I have been fortunate to have been pregnant 4 times during all of this, but each have ended in miscarriage. I'm in the process now of having some antibiody testing done to see if it's my system rejecting the fetus. Anway, I'm here if you have any questions. Ask away. I've learned alot from this site. I was basically just trying before... I had no idea when or how my body worked and now after charting temps and cervix positions along w/ OPKs I'm getting a better understanding of my fertile time. Have you been temping? I just started a few months back but it's really reliable for me to let me know that I've O'ed. Maybe not a good O, but it assures me that it happened. Oh and I'm on 50mg of Serophene this month. It's a clomid derivative. I respond to it alot better than Clomid. I'm on CD 8 today. A little bit behind you. I ovulate late also. Without meds won't O until cd 23, w/ Serophene right around CD 15. Well the best of luck to you this month! I know the extra long 2ww is the pits. I'm that way every month. It's pure drudgery. Hang in there! Pam


Fall - January 11

Hello ladies, this site is so nice... I love that everyone is so supportive. I'm on cd11 and have yet to receive a + read. I had a mc Nov.29th (I was 9ws) and my cycle returned as normal. I've heard all the stories about women getting pregnant right away after a mc... I'm hoping to have one of those stories. I wish you ladies all the luck... Keep updating!!


pmblake - January 11

Hi Fall, I had a m/c over Thanksgiving also. I'm on CD 8 now. We're right on together. I'm taking Serophene this month. It's like Clomid. Are you taking anything?


julie2007 - January 12

hi all - welcome PM and FALL!
it is nice to hear from you - always good to get new people in here. sorry to hear about your M/C's. i am so wishing for all of us to get what we are wishing for this month!
ella i am still hoping you had good news - hopefully you will get back to us soon. PM - thanks for the note. i had no idea how much i'd be learning about my body and how it works! if only i can figure it out now enough to get a BFP! i am on CD 19 - or i guess on here people refer to it as 2dpo - that is a lot of numbers to remember- i am going to try to go with CD 19 - still not sure when to even consider taking a preg test - - - don't want to do it too early, and keep getting disappointed -- so any input is welcome there. i feel a little crampy today low on the LT side - not sure what that is. i am hoping for the best - my fingers are all crossed - wishing all of you a BFP this month! welcome again to our new friends!


ellabella - January 12

Hi everyone, it's great to see new "faces" here. I love this thread. Fall, you're only on cd12 today and that means you still have a very good chance to o- fingers are crossed. Pm, good luck w/serophene. I feel for you w/not knowing how to be genuinely happy for someone's pg news- especially if they're not psyched about it! Why can't pg happen for us when WE'RE not looking? Julie, way to go w/the +opk- yippy! Maybe you won't even need to start Clomid! Imaging that! Oh, in my experience, dpo is so much easier than cd once you know you've o'd. Then, you can look up others' symptoms and see where you're at compared to them on the same day. There's just less thinking involved, but do it however you're comfortable. Well, as for me, i'm lost in a cycle and don't know what's going on. I was supposed to start Clomid, but can't yet. I "tried" to o over 2 wks ago (+opk & cramps), but my temps never made a distinct rise and are only at 98 today, which is pre-o temps for me (based on mos ago of tracking). So the day of my due af, i got LOTS of ewcm- more than i've seen in mos. So, i took an opk and the left side of the stick was +. So, i guess i tried to o again, but again my temps are'nt going up. The good news is that they're not going down either, but i just think i'm stuck in an anov cycle. BTW, -hpt at 14 and 15dpo w/cheap sticks sold w/preseed. I have slight crampyness every night and my cp is medium, slightly open and somewhat soft. If anyone has any thoughts, please share! Also, my other anov cycles have been shorter by 5 days or more. Thanks for letting me share- there's no one else i can talk to about this stuff!!


ellabella - January 15

Hope you all had a nice weekend. Just an update, I HAD A TEMP RISE!! I thought it would never happen again. Guess my body wanted to give it one more try before going on clomid. Anyone else w/news of o out there? - or better?


pmblake - January 15

HI Ella! Your temp rise is great. What day are you on? let's hope that it stays up! Sounds like you're having a long cycle? I did the same thing a few months back... tried to O on 15 and I didn't officially O till around 24 and then got pregnant. It didn't last though. Sooooo, I'm on cd12 this cycle. still a negative OPK and my temping is a bust this month I'm afraid. I have a really bad head cold and have had a 99 degree fever both days. great... my temping was going so smooth and now it's elevated. maybe i'll get better by O time. Temp temp! I hope they stay up for you. With us it sounds like we can just get excited about Oing! Getting pregnant would be just icing on the cake! JULIE - How are you doing? Any news from you?


ellabella - January 16

Hi Pm,
Sorry about your bad cold- i have just a touch of one and i'm already a baby about it. I'm sure you'll put up w/anything as long as you o. You are so right about being happy to just o! I laughed when i read that. We just want our bodies to give us a fair chance to get a bfp!! It makes it hard to get pg when your dh has no target to shoot at:) I'm on cd46 and i think i o'd around cd41 so i'm around 5dpo. Thank God i'm keeping track of all this because i would've never known about the 2nd o. Yet another reason to not just sit back and relax as they say. Not if your cycles are unpredictable anyway. Fall and Julie, how are things going?


pmblake - January 16

Oh Ella we do have similiar cycles! My dr always says that I have 1/2 the time to get pregnant as most woman b/c my cycles are usually double the time. How were your temps this morning? Mine dropped a bit! I guess I'm getting better. I was so happy to see 97.9. I guess I'm back in the game. I go for a cd14 follicle scan tomorrow. I'll find out for sure if I'm going to O on time or not.


ellabella - January 16

Hey Pm, So happy that your temps dropped and you're getting better. Now, maybe you can actually see when you o. Mine went even higher this am- 98.5. It's official for sure. Of course, my hopes are high as the sky and i can't help but analyze every little "symptom". I'm trying not to let on to my dh too much because i don't want to let him down w/the usual -hpt. I've made that mistake a couple of times in the past and it makes it doubly disappointing. I have been having some pretty weird things going on though. I'll just try to stay +. Good luck w/the follicle scan tomorrow. I hope you get news of an upcoming hatch and asap!



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